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diseases of pregnancy

Loss treatment losses on the carrier

On the basis of the contractions of the small intestine, the branch of the recipient is asked to change the medicine, with what is in the forearm with the forearm and the forearm with the forearm of the forearm with the forearm, Balber; Why not be afraid to hurt the wearer? The successor to the report is Dr. Mohammad Abdul Muttalib Hammad, who treats women and children’s diseases, all of which revolve around the treatment of infection in terms of benefits and harms.

Definition of Al-Mazid. suffering from the aftermath of a third city

Treatment of baldness until 2000 general

Aloe vera treatments over 2000 total
  • The origin of the treatment method in the upper forearm in the forearm until 2000 in general, as to attach the upper extremity in some parts of the body to the nerve endings.
  • The treatment is based on the invention of dilute mineral hardness, which is stimulated by the hands or by the method of amber removal, for which the production of contrast hormones for various diseases is possible.
  • And if you move this room to the sea, it will be placed in place of various body equipment, և especially the source of the forbidden body, which will act negatively to get rid of the disease.
  • And the addition of modern science classes, which is the treatment of the upper hand, affects the effect of morphine removal on the skin, which has the effect of reducing pain and reducing its intensity.

The benefits of fetal cravings during pregnancy

Al-Wakhz Balbar helps reduce knowledge
  • Takhif al-Jatian և al-Qaya.
  • Knowledge decreases after the birth of surgery.
  • Taskin al-Alam twelve applicants.
  • Discover the memory և other և books during pregnancy.
  • Convenience of public knowledge բաց Lack of comfort from pregnancy.
  • Positive in provoking the applicant.
  • Facilitate women during pregnancy, except by natural egg or artificial insemination.
  • Reduction of the third, reduction of the music և sound.
  • Takil al-Hamwad al-Muawiya.
  • Reduce suffering in the pool.
  • It cures pain and hemorrhoids.
  • Treatment of female sweat.

Loss treatment losses on the carrier

  • A woman does not have to take care of her pregnant women. It is forbidden to fall on the forehead, on the area of ​​the abdomen, cerebral palsy, on the points of the forehead, which may cause defects of mercy.
  • And all those who depend on it go back to confirmation ում encourage some doctors և limited examinations to find out if it is possible for him to reach a special marriage for a married person before death.

Pressure points that have to be bent while carrying

Danger of baldness spectrum treatment
  • It is added to the points where it moves its special points on the body, meaning the points և includes:
  • (قناة المرارة), (أسفل البتن).
  • (Heart Satisfaction), (Heart Satisfaction).
  • (قناة الرئة).

Danger of baldness spectrum treatment

  1. Knowledge or redemption or weakness when entering.
  2. Enemy at the entry points, voice of the head.
  3. Fear or loss of sleep, smoke or weakness.
  4. Excitation, sneezing, transpiration and consciousness in the heat.

The benefits of treating certain diseases

Al-Wakhz Balbar is used instead of the apartment
  • I try to reduce the pain in exchange for eating the apartment.
  • The disease of those who do not check their body for housing.
  • An eye test in anesthetized people who claim to be sensitive to medical addiction.
  • He treats forehead disease: heart disease, eye disease, heart failure, palpitations, hardening of the arteries, aggravation of the elevated heart, stiffness of the lower extremities, inflammation. heart muscles.
  • The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets.
  • The treatment is carried out by raising it on the forehead, reducing asthma from muscle contractions, and hardening of the body tissue.
  • Treatment of usury, airway inflammation և health և lung reduction և pneumonia ը pneumonia.
  • Diseases of the digestive tract and stomach. stomach.
  • It helps to treat pain by reducing the symptoms of the afternoon և acts on increasing vitality, treats urban anxiety with women և reduces pain.

Conditions in which employment is treated are prohibited in the sinuses

  1. Conditions requiring surgery, such as hernias, anxiety, etc.
  2. Heart disease.
  3. Kidney and liver diseases.
  4. Diseases of the disease.
  5. Parasitic diseases.
  6. Serious mental illness that requires medical intervention և self-medication.

Absabat Al-Wakhz Balbar:

Damage is a spectrum of vomiting treatment

Diseases can be transmitted through the blood, but it does not put patients at risk for stomach diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, and inflammation of the human esophagus. obstruction.

  • Because the frontal blows are as strong as the bacteria և fibers, but the risk of stroke is inflammation of the liver with inflammation of the liver c, and fibroids are liver defects. the above ban.

Definition of Al-Mazid. Seventh City Council on Pregnancy

Note from “Sidati Net”. Before using this description or this treatment, consult a specialist.

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