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Pregnant feeding

“Mash Mutaja Kavafir” .. 6 appendices

Turning the means of technology in the mind of the deceased, from the use of the hand, to the inanimate health of man և poetry with heart, poetry և extravagance,

أبرز تطيقات الهواتف المحمولة لتدقدصصن جمع جمالية وعناية باصحة:

1. Facetory:

Facilitating the application of “facetory” on the influence of the effects of “From Elijah” Sheikh ից from the destination to the meaning of “Elijah” the beginning of the implementation of the set of questions.

The woven use of “Facetory” is a method of explaining the method of practice, it is intended for limited areas of the face, as it records the application of daily results, as well as for the introduction of evolution from the beginning of the interaction. with the application.

2. The charm.

Applying “magic” to Brutin’s rise to facilitate the perception of artificial intelligence, as well as to increase the application of human knowledge, to take the image of the “Salafi” faculty, to analyze nature.

The first application is to advise the caregiver in terms of using toners or “toners”.

It requires the application of “Charm” on a number of related articles with full price and quality, as it contains more than 100 common systems.

3. Flo My Cycle:

The implementation of “Flo My Cycle” will facilitate the pursuit of the city district, which will increase the pregnancy, the implementation of the city letters from the moment of registration of the city district, near the deadline.

It is possible to add most of the details such as the amount of time spent, the effects of the urban area և the time conditions that occur when they occur.

4. Head space.

Headspace is applied to an additional twelve points, և the best position is suitable when exposed to the nostrils, as it contains a number of meditation distances և the quality of protection on the right side. .

Because it facilitates the implementation of food quality training և its quality restriction for body nutrition, and the pen with conditions և tolerance և needs management.

If the use of decision-making tools is justified for children to reach for the names of the guidelines.


It is convenient to use “YAZIO” to return to the daily commitments of food և hot springs և daily exercises, such as losing weight or building a personal line.

As the application is made to follow up on all the commitments submitted, from the posting of the meal day announcements to the entire meal, from the beginning to track the heat: carbohydrates, carbohydrates ուղ fruits.

Introduction of advice on mandatory food responsibilities ավել Increase of mandatory responsibilities or introduction of new food.

6. TroveSkin:

It facilitates the introduction of TroveSkin in the treatment of most of the problems of humanity, from the moment of presenting information about human life in the form of a “selfie” method of facial examination.

As a result of the dominance of events for mankind, the result is the recruitment of a network therapy or other treatment than human problems.

And contributes to the inclusion of human service products in the calendar of its activities.

Because it helps to identify the type of humanity, it does not use those who are attracted to the appropriate ornament for them, և it starts with the names of the products that will improve the appearance of your humanity.

Contributing a number of articles on the preservation of humanity, the type of humanity, the types of emphasis.

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