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Pregnant feeding

Maternal care lines after birth to protect the soul

The mother trains with the child after physical and mental examinations, from which the child is injured. We are afraid of inheriting the inheritance, we are the ones who suffer from the most dangerous diseases. The meeting for the question and explanation and Dr. Hazem Al-Ali are the owners of the diseases of women and children.

Increased labor mobility և surgery

After the baby is born, the mother will have difficulty moving
  • The movement depends on the type of birth. The children of Caesarea do better what the little sheep does for the first 6 or 12 hours, then relax.
  • Al-Nazif “breath of soul” after birth from one source to another, և you take care of your personal hygiene, especially if you were born naturally և you have an injury.
  • During a natural birth, the wound simply “expands”, and in case of an imperfect birth, the lower part of the abdomen is “conquered”.
  • On the other hand, taking the medicine, especially the animal antidote և the inflammatory antidote, until it gets worse from the wound, with the care of the patient և personal hygiene, the care of the opponent.

The pursuit of wisdom from the problems of satisfaction

Natural satisfaction
Natural satisfaction for the first time

  • Natural satisfaction is the first time, it is not easy. Because the daughter is a little in the first days, and then added:
  • And the problem arises from pursuing the health of the third, especially in the first ten days, because the dream is sensitive or the child does not grow up in the right session.
  • And if the inflammation occurs as a result of obstruction of the ducts of the breast, or if there is no emptying of the duodenum with the chest, it will occur in the obstruction of the chest.
  • And she completely empties her chest by “squeezing” the “malfunction” or using the breast spleen – it’s a way of spending a lot of us.

الفآبة النفاسية أو كآبة من بعد الولادة:

Alter hormones by producing the umbilical cord
  • 70% of women mean them; The result is a change in the muscles of the mother’s organs after birth, responsible for the senses, օրգ the continuity of the organs may be severe.
  • The woman’s lament slips with a deceptive temperament; she sweats and sweats, she shouts for no reason; when she gets rid of bad taste in her mouth;

The Importance of Hemorrhoids After Birth

  • At the resurrection of the living, the woman is taken to the hospital during pregnancy, the baby is born naturally, and some are hired to reduce the pain.
  • The multiplication effect of fiber, food: vegetables երը issues in your food system due to the misery of a problem in which it is difficult can be delayed after birth.

Introduction Al-Mazid. Introduction to food name ղի Pregnancy պատճառ Causes of treatment և Introduction to methods

Complaints about midday pain: from the pool

Complaints about postpartum pain
  • Most nations are divided after birth, այս it is possible that this pain will continue as long as it is not known, but it will be possible to overcome them.
  • Maintaining the right meeting during the two natural pleasures, taking care of the child and standing by the household chores.
  • Inflammation of the bladder can occur after birth, especially if you use a special loan with a disabled child.
  • Եւ In case of treatment with animal contrast causes inflammation of the bladder with pain, և it is possible to return to the doctor to limit the appropriate treatment.
  • If you have any other bowel problems, especially in the first three cities after giving birth, the pool practice goes a long way.

Mom cleansing after birth

  • Probably cleansed of the apostasy of choice, the position of the position is correct, and the translation of the words difficult, taking care of the sensitive part of the senses, bathing the dead during the day with a clean solution. after all the taboo or ax.
  • Hand washing before washing առաջ Before changing, if the washing is from the outside, it is only a fear of the heirs coming in from the surface of the skin with the washing solution.

Calm և rest after birth

You should not give birth to your parents
  • It is obligatory on the parent to take the first branch in his bed, and the second one through the window “in the place of the dead”.
  • And in the third branch it is possible to move in the house, except for the separation of the house, after all the third branch or after the fourth.
  • Sleep. It is necessary to increase calm in sleep, because sweat is often more than nervous anxiety.

Individual questions

  • He will follow the child, և you will be in the first place, and then the days will be spent with a small amount of blood, և you will accept the discrepancy until you try to work in four or seven branches.
  • This is due to the inconsistency of the volume of mercy after positioning, the attitude of attaching the volume of mercy to mercy.

Definition of Al-Mazid. Signs of Immaculate Conception especially after obedience

Healthy nutrition after birth

Eat fresh vegetables
  • Ashrab questions on the first day and a few waffles, and it is better to have a cup or a glass of your appetite, and do not disturb the questions being loaded in the summer.
  • Ashrab water as a coma; Even if he exchanges his questions for the sweat of two children, he will cling to us.
  • The second day.
  • On the third day, after occupying the stomach, they add the previous one, which is wide or thick, good or bad, and from the fifth day, normal nutrition begins.

The condition of the three ությունը satisfaction

  • On the third or fourth day after giving birth, he urinates on milk, and on the first three days he asks for a small amount of ink until the zero is known to be sediment.
  • You can carefully schedule your breastfeeding dates, take care of them with our care for the three breasts before breastfeeding, and then add those who are already in the meeting or satisfied. with the breast.

Mathematical exercises

The process of natural birth
  • They can not do math exercises, except with natural offspring, to absorb excess weight, to import appropriate clothing.
  • And the beginning before the discovery of the liar, on the fact that the exercises were repeated a day later. Plus, the new exercise lasts all day, morning or evening for the city or most of it.


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