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diseases of pregnancy

Medical warnings about the danger of mice on carriers. Fetal type is limited


Now, from the depths of the world, after the release of the new “Omicron” of the new corona, when he was warned about it, he said:

Umicron line

A swarm of enemies struck Omikru at the core of the new crown, among children who had fought to build it for five years, and among the deaths of adults between the ages of 10 and 14 during the Svachindia period.

For example, feeding children is a problem in all parts of the world.

It is obvious that Dr. Khalid Salem, in consultation with the diseases of the body և clinic clinic, in which he says, “Hostility from previous periods.”

He added. “Al-Mustashif because of the new axis, which is relatively proportionate, there is still no reason if the axis is more dangerous than the heart.”

The word “healthy” means that injuries are different; they are affected by many factors, such as age, general health; skin և wounds.

The effect of the new corona on children ողների carriers

It refers to diseases of the uterus, as long as “the paralysis between the children is great.

وشدد على ضرورة اتباع إجراءات الوقاية, خصوصا للحوامل, لأن إصابتهم بالفيروس قد تمثل لهم صعوبة في متابعة الحمل والولادة, حتى إذا كانت العدوى طفيفة, ويجب علهيم اتباع الإجراءات الاحترازية ضد كورونا, وتجنب الزيارات والأفراح والمناسبات والأماكن المزدحمة والمغلقة, خاصة في الشهر التاسع:

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