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diseases of pregnancy

News of the world warns about the naming of food during pregnancy, presents the reasons

التسمم الغذائي مرض تسببه البكتيريا والفيروسات والطفيليات والسموم والمواد الكيميائية الموجودة في الأطعمة والمشروبات التي يتم تداولها بشكل غير صحي- أطعمة ملوثة أو منتهية الصلاحية-, ويعتبر من المشاكل الصحية الشائعة خصوصا للحامل, نظرا ل ضعف الجهاز المناعي, والتقلبات الهرمونية التي تطرأ على جسمها, عن The effect of leaving the name of the food on the bearer և fetus, who meets և Dr. Abd al-Wahhab al-Muhammad.

Reasons for naming food:

Consumption of greens other than that sent to fields
  • The main causes of food poisoning are diseases such as bacteria, toxins, toxins, minerals and chemicals that can cause indigestion.
  • This element, by the way, is the entrance to food.
  • Most food poisoning is caused by the presence of bacteria, bacteria, and the development or interference of food during the cleaning phase of the equipment.
  • Inflammatory infections are at least as common as bacterial-turbulent infections;
  • In addition, some details are spread in the way of animals, such as cats and dogs, which cause food poisoning.
  • When food and drink are exposed to natural toxins և added chemicals, it can cause food poisoning.
  • It is possible that greens և under food that is not sent to pest sources, and some species of natural berries contain natural toxins.
  • And under the sky ը poison on poisons, pupils or the bacteria to which they are treated, such as cadmium, rice, acorns and zebrafish և when they divide, also.
  • And with that, if the warning is determined, the astronomer will drown in the mines. Three to three years, as the metals are concentrated by the body in the body’s tissue են causing the effects of animal chemicals that the passage causes.

Definition for the majority. The benefits of carrier eating for the answer

أعرار التسمم الغذائي:

Increased temperature from the signs of incarnation
  • Explaining the symptoms of food allergies in women, generally from mild to severe, to pregnant women with a changing barrier system.
  • In order to stimulate the harmful substances that the carrier uses in contaminated food, the digestive tract is covered, և the symptoms are absorbed by the digestive system, such as digestion և storage.
  • With a stinging sensation in the stomach, with reflection, with sensations of body pain, and with poetry, with the presence of heat, with support, from “light” to a moderate voice.
  • Due to the continuous change of the duodenum during pregnancy, it is difficult for hereditary resistance to penetrate the body of the carrier, which is exposed to the carrier body, but it facilitates the risk of food shock.
  • And these changes change the practice of transporting food in the carrier in terms of increasing its sensitivity to certain foods.
  • These symptoms last from hours to days, but if piety is repeated, և if the stomach pain is different, you should immediately consult a doctor.
  • And there are types of food naming, such as nostrils, which affect the nervous system, but cause nervous disorders, such as lack of visual clarity և skin inclination և addiction, weakness.

Does the food label affect the fetus?

Food labeling affects the fetus
  • It is natural that if the effect of feeding the fetus on the fetus is affected by the fact that the carrier is in it և it is like a source of nourishment in the possibility of the discovery of bacteria և meat;
  • Return to embryonic development increases the risk of malnutrition due to ejaculation.
  • The blessed child կրկն the double generation for the child.
  • Al-Jihad կատար Fetal performance, birth of a dead child.
  • They should consult a doctor և pay attention to his achievement, which can be a quick cure.
  • As for the bearer, it is not bad that he falsifies some ideas in this situation.
  • It is necessary that the treatment is appropriate to the patient’s health, so as not to harm the fetus or fetus.

Definition of Al-Mazid. Signs of Immaculate Conception especially after obedience

Treatment of food poisoning during pregnancy

Food is a source of fear and anxiety for the carrier
  • He sought to cure food poisoning because of the causes of the symptoms, the duration of their severity.
  • Here are the opposites that threaten the life of the bearer if you are one of the enemies.
  • On the carrier you can take antibiotics to maintain the balance of bacteria in the stomach. Killing a bacterium for the sake of life is a serious evil.
  • Maintaining body moisture, which is considered to be the water needed to maintain proper digestion, կց attaching nutrients, as it is necessary to maintain a period of proper proportions for the fetus. և fruit.
  • The wearer drinks the water և easily digesting most of the things like mouth salts, nutmeg ին on the body, as well as the effect of the fluid secreted by the water ացումը feeling light և.
  • As soon as the intentions are fulfilled, it is possible for the bearer to eat the captives and the captives, to apply the conditions of strict purity, to ask him questions in the revelation – knowledge.
  • The important thing is that the carrier protects the proximal duodenum when eating, so that during pregnancy the food is divided into two parts.
  • The name of food is a source of anxiety և fear of the nation պատճառով because of the danger to the fetus that one should be greedy և to be active in the pursuit of healthy fresh food.
  • It is impossible for the intentions of one and the other to turn into the production of artificial materials or colors.
  • Note from “Sideti Net” before using this feature or this treatment on the advice of a specialist doctor.

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