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Pregnant feeding

Nutrition during pregnancy … Introduction of food to facilitate childbirth

It is necessary for the carrier to be greedy in order to use nutritious food with elements useful for the organism other than the organism or for the fetus, therefore: Nutrition during pregnancy One of the most important questions that arises around most drawings is the success of the gaps in succession, the knowledge of the points that you reach when choosing the right food items for you.

Nutrition during pregnancy

The following table presents the different elements of food that are supplied to a woman, from which the essence of the element can be obtained, որն what is the essence of the obligatory amount of the element to eat:

Food ة Food Few people should eat it every day Food sources:
Alproteins Subject matter: up to 70 offenses Al-Lahum, Al-Asmak, Al-Dawajan, Al-Bayd
Calcium Carrier length is up to 1200 inches Al-Muttalifah Al-Mukalifah, Al-Khardawat Al-Wareqiat Al-Mutnawah, Asir Al-Bartakal
Al-Hadid: The carrier is up to 30 inches long Lahum, al-Asmak, etc., unmarried, different love of perfection up to the bread, words, paper extracts, with the addition of all incense, eyebrows and scalp.

(حمض الفوليك)

The carrier is up to 600 microns It is in the green of the paper, the proverbs, the perfect love, except for all the fruits of transmission, the gods.


The carrier is up to 1.9 inches long The embryo of redness, the soul, the love of perfection, the clove, is added to all masters, the fruit, the fruit of Sudan, the last seed of the worshipers, the fruit of the fruit. , և fruit.
زنك: The carrier is up to 15 inches long The woman is born in the soul of the food contained in her, as she is born in the womb, the embryo of recklessness, the last is the desire of the children.

Carrier food in the first city

Learn about the best nutrients to eat based on pregnancy development from the sequence points.

  1. It is necessary to eat the food under it on the poor, such as (Al-Sabankh, Al-Jarjir և Al-Bakdun).
  2. Eat whole grains.
  3. Eat different foods.
  • The second city
  1. Drinking ginger, as it affects the consciousness of grief.
  2. Eat at the expense of vitamins (H), for example, all raw nuts։ olives.
  3. Eat the fruit and the egg whites are added to the egg whites.
  1. Ask him out well if he is no longer absorbed in the connection.
  2. Question օգտագործ The use of food և drink.
  1. Eat food under the border.
  2. Eat food under the influence of vitamin C.
  3. Besides, according to the taste, the above-mentioned proportion is excellent.

Health certificate for twelve pregnant women

And complete the food that is better to eat when it comes to carrying the beast through the points, then the food that is better to eat during the rest of the city, the beginning of the fifth city, and the receipt of the lower part of the heart.

  • الخهر الخامس:
  1. Atomic food on calcium to enhance the health of the fetal specimen.
  2. Use vitamins և vitamins in broccoli և tomatoes և other ingredients.
  1. حبوب كاملة.
  2. فواکه وخضراوات Miscellaneous.
  3. Saying goodbye to misfortune.
  1. elements of subordination to al-Brutin, which is a high degree.
  1. أطعمة زیروي على أحماض أوميجا 3 որ المكسرات:
  2. It is better for al-Qarz to eat to falsify the names of Hade և Marih.
  1. The third and third are the elements of child protection activists.
  2. During the last 4 years of pregnancy, exercising is easier than giving birth.

And if you do not have time to finish the nutrition topic, twelve pregnant women are waiting for them. حكة المهبل:

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