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Pregnant feeding

Nutrition features due to excess weight. “You are not


“Are you waiting for the lazy ones?” And what does not affect the approach of pregnant women and greatly increase the weight, and then give advice from a special diet to treat the bearer.

Is it okay for 2 to be correct?

تحدثت الدكتورة يارا طارق, أخصائية التغذية العلاجية, عن زيادة وزن الحوامل, وقالت إنهن يواجهن هذه الجملة والمعتقد الخاطئ كثيرا ممن حولهن, بهدف النصح في وقت حملها لتشجيعها على الأكل بكميات كبيرة, بحكم أن بداخلها طفل لتتناول الطعام بكميات أكبر »لها وللطفل.”

And special nutrition is said, if this is a common belief in the collection of customs and imitations, it is not based on it, but it comes from the bearer, it has its reasons for being educated, so it is obligatory. who carries the bearer to carry the corpse.

How to protect the health of the carrier?

From the whole point of view, he said, “Yara”, that the bearer counts the most natural, but counts little for the maintenance of his weight and health, and the health of the child – more than some. food items such as:

It is obligatory for the wearer not to listen to the hadiths and advice from the pocket, to keep them constantly, consulting with a doctor who specializes in fetal health, “Yara” reports.

How Much Money Does a Carrier Lose After Birth?

وأوضحت أخصائية التغذية, إن الحامل إذا حافظت على المعدل الطبيعي من السعرات الحرارية التي تتناولها في طعامها اليومي, مع الزيادة البسيطة من الخضروات والفواكه, ومتابعة الطبيب أثناء حملها, سوف تحافظ بنسبة كبيرة على وزنها, وبعد الولادة سوف ينزل الوزن تلقائيا من 10 إلى 15 كيلو With movement from the end.

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