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stages of pregnancy

Omar Al-Haml Balashahr Waliam on the basis of birth

Are you discussing life force և knowledge և the easy way to calculate time? What do you think in this article, that one of them is the child հաշ account փուլ stages of pregnancy, և simple offspring only, և what does երեխայի child և child account mean? ? And the quality of the balance sheet from the end of the city district.

Omar al-Hamal al-Asbu

It is known that pregnancy lasts 7 to 9 years, and the natural branch of pregnancy is 0. From the beginning of the first day of the last period of the city, then it is possible to divide. Stages of pregnancy Up to 3 steps և.

  • The first stage is the first 3 years
    Become the first branch և finish the third branch of the tenth pregnancy.
  • وعن المرحلة الثاني ثاني 3 شهور:
    فتبدأ مع الأسبوع الرعات عشر وتنته با الأسبوع السادس والششر من الممل.
  • The last stage is the third, and the last stage is 3 years
    From the beginning of the seventh to the twentieth generation until the day of birth.

What do you think about the list of carriers in cities and towns? In the following table.

Pregnancy chart in the city և its origin

Carrying on the back Carrying with passion
The first branch is the fourth The first city
The fifth branch is the third The second city
9 to 13 from the beginning Third city
Chapters 1 to 18 City:
From 19 to 22 from the beginning الخهر الخامس:
Source 23-26 Al-Sadd City:
27 to 30 from the beginning City hours:
Chapters 31 to 35 City of Al-Samen
From source 36 to source 40 Development city:
Chapter 41 և 42 Birth – or later birth:

Accounting software in Arabic

If the plan and implementation of the account of the bearer and the child are numerous and different from Arabic and a foreign language, but from the beginning the prayers are clear to you that we are under the influence of the calculation of the account.

  1. Qomi is one of the applications that is sent to those who are advised to follow it.
  2. Then Comin by registering on the email application.
  3. And now you want to apply some information, such as the expiration date of the city district.
  4. If you have some attachments related to your weight և length և all over town.
  5. And what is your goal – to realize the deadline of the approximate date of birth?
  6. Except for the approximate date of acquisition.
  7. In addition, it is limited to the date of birth.
  8. كما تمدك بمعد الولادة بليوم (احد, سبت, ثلاثاء ..)
  9. وقد تمدك بفصل الولادة (صيف, خريف, شتاء, ربيع)
  10. And finally, it spread to the time of the beginning of the whole city, the account of the transportation of the city and the city.

Responsibility: أين أجدها؟
Fortunately, this is what you are trying to explain to them
Go to Google Play or the App Store to get the most out of them
With difficulty with the following links. ضغط ِهنا:

How to manage an account at the end of the city period

And after we got acquainted with the quality of the practice of carrying the corpse, the child, they did not obey their requests to the cities in any way.

  • فترة الحمل ونمو الجنان.
  • Carrier of the city.
  • Day և Day accounting.
  • Hamley – pregnancy account.
  • Medicines for children related to pregnancy and childbirth.
  • The reason for the transporting woman.
  • Wear them to carry an account.
  • Urban expansion – pregnancy topic.
  • The story of Umar al-Haml al-Hijri.
  • Medical midwife.
  • Accounting.
  • The stages of pregnancy are connected.
  • Pregnancy և time accounting.
  • I am pregnant.
  • Accountant transfer.
  • Expected date of birth.
  • Pregnancy rehabilitation.
  • Follow the evolution of the fetus.

Keep reminding me that you are the first to follow the doctor’s advice, do not compare yourself with others.

Realization of rent balance
  • Responsibility.
  • سجل الحمل.
  • Carrying the fetus և mother և reviving.
  • Follow the pregnancy.
  • Transport cities of the Arab world.
  • The reason for the transporting woman.
  • أنت والحمل.
  • Arab bearer account.
  • Implementation calendar.
  • King – monthly և pregnancy account.
  • The story of Umar al-Haml al-Hijri.
  • Arab bearer account.
  • فترة الحمل العد التنزلي.
  • Carrier registration
  • Pregnancy book.

If the information contained in the article is not enriched on the advice of the treating physician,
And humility towards distance medical examination. حصًا على سلامة سهتك, وصحة طفلك.

And if we do not know how to continue until the age of pregnancy, the different stages of work and the city, then. طالعِ: Accounting account For those who do not know or share the comment with the interrogator.

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