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stages of pregnancy

Postpartum pregnancy և its symptoms: the seventh day

It is not possible for all women to bear the consequences of pregnancy, the consequences vary from severity to mild to severe, they can not be tolerated by pregnancy.

«ووفقا للموقع الطبى» medical network“If the bearer of pregnancy does not deviate only from the other, but the bearer deviates from the latter to the soul of the woman, then the bearer did not appear during the first bearer from the sponsorship. wear the second.

Some of the symptoms of a woman: menstruation և weight gain և ներառում inclusion of other possible symptoms և signs of happiness.

  • Mood changes.
  • Mortality increase.
  • الصداع.
  • حنان الثدي.
  • Emergence of advantages of the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Consciousness is the state of life with the body.
  • الغثيان.
  • Slightly thin at the beginning of white processing.

Indication of pregnancy

Delayed pregnancy

  • Swelling of the leg.
  • آلام الظهر.
  • حرقة من المعدة.
  • Urine pressure.
  • Respiratory failure.

In the case of some resuscitations, if there are symptoms of an urban disease with which the temperament changes, և fever, երրորդ a third of the disease, a mistake in the symptoms of the pregnant woman.

Delayed pregnancy
Delayed pregnancy

What is the effect of carrying a pregnancy burden?

When some women separate from the first during the first trimester of pregnancy, in the first third of pregnancy, when the last signs appear in the next stage of pregnancy. It is possible for a pregnant woman to avoid symptoms if she is similar to those she had before menstruation, so it is not permissible for a woman to deviate from the symptoms associated with pregnancy.

It turns into a carrier
It turns into a carrier

Delayed pregnancy

It is possible for some pregnant women to be circumcised during pregnancy for three-thirds հղի three-thirds of the pregnancy, for example.

  • Mood swings
  • Sound:
  • Increased admission
  • Noon pain:
  • Intense food cravings
  • Yaya
  • Most of the time, we praise some of the symptoms, such as the separation of the thighs և the thighs with the priority of the wearer.

Tips for relieving pregnancy symptoms
Tips for relieving pregnancy symptoms

Tips for relieving pregnancy symptoms

Here are some home remedies that can be used to reduce some of the symptoms of pregnancy.

1- Followers of a healthy food system and mourning marathon.

2- Aphrodisiac of the eardrum, especially if there is swelling in the legs.

3. Beware of warnings when removing children or heavy objects. Emphasize one of the two riders as you remove them; show that the afternoon is immediately behind.

4- Sleep on a fixed bed. There is a supine position և between the patient’s feet, a certain comfort is allowed.

5- The apostasy of a breast-bearer, which is destroyed, will be cruel, if you are not separated by a thorn or a thorn.

6- Eat a lot of fiber to maintain bowel movement շարժ to move muscles.

7- Eating small and frequent responsibilities for the satisfaction of the mourners.

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