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stages of pregnancy

Pregnancy և birth և fetal sex registration 2021

Even if you are familiar with the stages of pregnancy ին date of birth, it is possible to use the և pregnancy և birth և fetal sex account և this is detailed in the following report:.

From the moment a woman’s life to the knowledge of the bearer, what makes the mother know the exact date of pregnancy and childbirth?

And by arguing about the means of carrying at the expense of carrying, giving birth, the account of carrying and giving birth can be used, և you may try to easily limit the stages and time of carrying. bad to carry.

Pregnancy, birth և fetal sex account.

– The account of wearing it with senses or thighs, as if the wearer swallowed it in the 40s, then tazid or takl.

Important is the definition of carrying a load in a 3-phase split account.

– 3 The first city, the beginning of the first branch, until the third branch is the tenth of pregnancy.

– فترة منتصف الحمل: The beginning of the ten-hour springs:

– The last book of pregnancy. Seventh սկ Seventh Season Beginning րորդ Fourth Season (Date of Birth)

Quality of pregnancy, birth ղի fetal sex work.

Account from the city district

At the time of hiring, the accountant carries the child և enters the day of the last date of the city period համար for the year և city:.

Account of pregnancy

The account can be used from the moment of entry until the current day on which the pregnancy takes place.

The account is from the Gregorian-Hijri history

9 It is possible to count the pregnancy երին children և from the moment of entering the date of birth և the district of marriage, who has the opportunity to choose between them, the one entitled և the recipient.. The first day after menstruation And show the result of the expected date of birth.

Pregnancy and childbirth account to limit the sex of the fetus

Pregnancy and childbirth account to limit the sex of the fetus

For breast history, it can be worn և to close, և you need to check the sex of the fetus հղի from pregnancy: date of birth.

The benefits of carrying and giving birth.

– Give all the information to the bearer և the account of the bearer in hand or in the city.

– Probability of birth account.

– إمداد بمعلومات هامة عن كل فتة برعل متفلي.

– Know the evolution of the fetus long after pregnancy.

– The accounts are in different forms, except for the Hijri or the date of the year.

– Getting acquainted with the type of fruit to be expected.

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