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stages of pregnancy

Pregnancy chart in cities և in cities ը date of birth

Once the emphasis is on the outcome of the response, they repeatedly lie down with the doctor or gynecologist to determine who’s the difference between you and the chariot. During the first pilgrimage to the doctor, the question arises in most women. What is the source of the child? In fact, in this article, a practical explanation of its simple explanation can determine the time of birth. On the other hand, the doctor considers wearing blue, պայմանավորված this is due to the number from which the city differs, of which there are 4 wheels, and some of the other 5. As for you and your surroundings, then you are the one who counts the burden of carrying the city. From here, this article confirms the knowledge, firstly, about the method of calculating the date of birth, secondly, about the method of calculating the bearers of the city, a complete reading of all the details.

Scoreboard in cities և cities

How do you count pregnant women?

The fetus is 38 to 42 years old, but most women give birth in the womb at 40 (or 280 days later) and the number of births in the womb is 41 or 42. Therefore, it is possible. so that the baby is born naturally or by caesarean section. But if it is attached to the root of number 40, then it is created after the birth of a natural child, then you may look at the branch or the branch that has its roots, where the birth of the natural part takes place. the condition of the Bear bearing table, which allows to take into account the heavy bearing.

  • If you are on the 1st to 4th streets, it means that you are in the first city
  • If you are on the 5th to 8th streets, it means that you are in the second city
  • If you are on 9th to 13th streets, it means you are in the third city
  • If you are on 14th to 17th streets, it means you are in the fourth city
  • If you are on 18th to 21st streets, it means you are in the fifth city
  • If you are on 22 to 26 streets, it means that you are in a sad city
  • If you are on 27th to 30th streets, it means you are in the seventh city
  • If you are on 31st to 35th streets, it means you are in the third city
  • If you are on 36 to 40 streets, it means you are in a developing city

How long does it take to separate a pregnancy?

The division of the box into three chapters or sections is as follows:

  • The first chapter From beginning to end 13. At this point, the fruit is tied to the womb of mercy, և emptiness begins with you.
  • Chapter Two From the beginning to the end of the beginning 26. During this chapter the fetus is born, the weight increases, and the woman is told at the beginning of the child’s movements, in her words, the sex in this chapter. is introduced to the child.
  • Chapter three From the beginning to the 27th. During this season, the child grows to the end of the stage in terms of extravagance, good news, because the senses of khums are over, there is some emptiness in the brain. This season, too, the woman turns her mind to the dirty movement of the fetus.

Quality of pregnancy account ժամանակը time of birth

As we mentioned, the best doctors take into account the wearing of hands, not the city, և this is the reason why the city differs. On the other hand, by the donkey, the doctor is able to limit the developmental stages of the fetus in the most accurate way. From here, we move the system from 38 to 42 years old, knowing that the average is 40, and more than 80% of women are born at the age of 40.

Now how do you calculate the date of birth? The date of birth will be counted from the քաղաք 9 cities period բազմաթիվ for the woman from the date of the first day of the city’s last district if the revision takes place on the tenth day և in the fourth quarter և of the city և. era. What is the beginning of the action? Therefore, the reason for the question is mainly in the case:

Accounting activities. Date of the first day of the last district of the city + start + 9 cities = date of birth of the recipient

Example: If the date of the first day of the last district of the city is March 1, it will receive the operating account with the following horse:

  • March 1 + March = March 8
  • March 8 + 9 city = December 8 (if possible և because of the size you were born on this date).

Note: This is a preliminary calculation, if you can determine the approximate date of birth. By carrying this way, the fruits are obtained on the date of birth, on the basis that the bearer is 40 years old, only that the bearer deviates from the order to the other. Therefore, December 8 is an approximate date.

This transaction account facilitates the gift of the first thought, which is very close to the date of birth renewal. But if it is possible that they have another reason to limit the date of birth, it is bigger, J.

  • The meeting of the waves above the ultrasound is much larger when it comes to the date of wearing.
  • Stages of pregnancy և state of restraint, what is your essence, և what is the essence of the rest of you. For example, for the first time she hears the heartbeat of a child in the 9th or 10th uterus of pregnancy, or for the first time mourns the movement of the fetus.
  • Before giving birth, during all the pilgrimages, it is necessary to examine the length of the uterus before the doctor, it is necessary to take into account the date of birth, to emphasize it before the doctor.
  • The amount of almsgiving may be the reason for the extension of the birth period, so the expansion of almsgiving is based on being close to the natural birth date.
  • The condition of the child is also confirmed by the date of birth. In the case of those born naturally, if the baby is forced to have a baby on its head, the doctor will return to the baby’s position in the last city after pregnancy so that you can limit the time of birth.

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