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diseases of pregnancy

Pregnancy stages more | Siddi Magazine

From the news that the woman observes after the marriage is the news of the pregnancy, and from the definition of the pregnancy until it begins to follow the signs of the pregnancy and the manifestation on it and on the body, which What is the stage of pregnancy? Therefore, the meeting was with Dr. Abd al-Hamid Al-Hawari, who presented the details of the stages of pregnancy from the area of ​​embryonic development, its impact on the pregnant woman, in the extended points.

Further function. Signs of a pregnant woman, especially after giving birth

Transfer to the first city.

قيء وغثيان في الأسبوع الأول والثاني:
  • Al-Khasabah, then al-Ibada, arises after the conquest of the last district of the city; In the absence of special products in the wall of mercy.
  • In the third trimester, the fetus is formed from the heart, the spinal cord is formed from eye to eye, and the embryo is the beginning of the whole.
  • And in this book it is obligatory on the nation to trace the use of the medicine, except as a physical description, taking into account the objections to which it bears the burden. Vomiting in the morning և vomiting.
  • وعليها أن تكتكد من پرهها و متابعته و كذلك سهه جنينها,
  • Then the heart ները the senses, the senses, the souls, the people և the hands are formed.

Transportation to the second city.

  • You can clearly see the face և the man և the breasts և the well-moving equipment և the rapidly developing stage of the brain և thus the fetus reaches half the size of the body. .
  • In the third trimester the weight of the four rewards reaches, then the mercy is transferred to the ummah, and the weight of the fruit reaches the end of the second city, around the eighth reward.
  • And the fruit is taken in the form of a man, և the heart begins with the pulse, տես from the appearance of the hands և from the great formation.

Transfer to the third city.

  • Establish the rule of supplements և increase the volume of the head smaller than the previous relative stage, և establish the organs of generation և the liver և the end and perimeter of the eternal cycle.
  • But in this period it is difficult to restrict sex, and in this city the weights are about fifteen tenths of a penny, and the beginning of excess weight in the nation is the poetry of inner weight.

Transportation in the city.

The fruit weighs about 120 grams
  • The embryo begins with the general amniotic sac, which is present in the amniotic sac.
  • And eat from the womb, for the ass’s head’s head, և fetal weight around water ը tithes are free.
  • And in this city it is impossible for him to live out of mercy, as the nation’s health is praised for increasing its opportunities for food and reducing its living expenses.

Transfer to the fifth city.

  • The fruit is able to move; When it moves, it moves, it develops with joy, the nation pronounces its movements, it completes listening to the heartbeat of the fetus.
  • And mourning (poetry) on the coffee of the physical regions, սկ the beginning of the renewal phase of the fetal emptiness.

Transfer to Sads.

  • He weighs about 700 grams of fruit, և increases movement համար bends his arms for him, and separates his jaws from some, և the skin does not swell and swell.

Transfer to the seventh city.

Fetal movement in the forearm
  • The skin of the fetus opens transparently, vertically, the brain is activated, keeping it in the responsibilities of the fetal organs, only that the uterus is not distorted, it weighs around the weight of the penis.
  • And it is possible for a child to be born in this city, և she is in the womb և she has increased her movement the most, ությամբ she listens to sounds և poems և she knows the taste, whether it is sweet or not.

Transfer to Samen city.

  • The development of the skin մաշկի is almost complete ձեռք the acquisition of the hearing apparatus, the function of the nervous system։ the musculoskeletal system is strengthened, the brain and intellect are increased.
  • And the fruit is able to see, hear the sounds, complete the equipment stage for the body to complete its journeys. Because they continue to grow until the end of the pregnancy.

Implementation in the expanding city.

The fruit can grow in a developing city
  • The stage of evolution is complete, և the surrounding area is completely conquered,։ the embryo completes the process.
  • And establish the least movement of the previous bribes, և weigh up to three hundred kilograms of compensation, պատրաստ prepare the nation for generations.

Transporter from 1-3 cities

Consciousness with poets from 1-3 խ cheating with poets
  • Many changes to this media; The third is the inclusion of physiological changes, such as the emergence of knowledge, ghosts and consciousness, the consciousness of deceiving poets quickly.
  • The transfer of the book from the state of happiness և from the state of joy և from the state of time to the state of love չէ is not adequate to the event.
  • It’s going to be from the doctor’s resurrection to your ղի fetal health, listen to what can happen in this city. Introducing the best ways to obey even your own behavior.

Transporter from 3-6 cities

From 3-6 media carriers
  • Enjoy the healthy ակը the state of carrying the soul և start the phase of pleasure կր carrying the pleasure. It is observed on the glass of the sonar device as confirmation of the existence of the fetus.
  • As this book complements breast firming և abdominal firmness և volume with skin changes.
  • The carrier fluctuates for a doctor in this city, the news is not enough to remind the inquiry about pregnancy.

Transporter from 6-9 cities

It starts with anxiety and competition in a developing city
  • Make some problems of body and soul this last city. When the ancestors turn around, the conscious consciousness is anxious during the day, expecting the experience of carrying it in society.
  • From the beginning of the city, the doctor will be able to make the necessary measurements for the patient for the development of the fetus, to wait for the expected date of birth.
  • It should always consult a doctor if you suffer from chronic diseases. كالسكرِ أو الاكتئاب; Even if you understand your situation և place, some double the effect of pregnancy.
  • However, in this last chapter, from pregnancy to changes in some medications, մոտ the approximate nature of your doctor, և if the type of treatment has changed, it is appropriate for a new pregnancy.

The function of Al-Mazid. from the influence of the third city

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