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diseases of pregnancy

Question and Answer. How can the fetus breathe in the mother’s womb? Եւ What will happen after birth?

Hair’s question is expressed in Sunnah by the great, the small, the unfortunate. What is the quality of fetal respiration in the uterus, what is left after childbirth? And it is special that the fetus is surrounded by water, safe substances in the mother’s womb, you can see it without end. And the natural truth is that the fruit can not breathe air, because it can breathe in certain ways և organs. حيث يحتاج الجنين ومنذ اللحظة الأولى في الحمل وأثناء تطوره في الرحم إلى الأكسجين, ولكنه لن «يستنشق» الهواء إلا بعد الولادة, لهذا فالجنين فعليا لا يتنفس في الرحم, بل يقوم الحبل السري بتزويده باحتياجاته من الأكسجين حتى تتم عملية الولادة, ويخرج الجنين إلى الدنيا سلیماً صحياً. At the meeting, Dr. Ibrahim Kekri advised him to explain the child’s illnesses with an enlarged egg.

Medical information about the fetus

The fetus in the mother’s womb

The practice of conceiving a fetus during pregnancy, but it does not complete fetal development until the last third of pregnancy.

And it refreshes between 24-36 hands of the carrier, as the air products turn inside the wheels.

And when the baby is small, the baby will not be able to ejaculate until he has finished his development.

Al-Mazid’s definition. The benefits of honey for children

Fetal breathing lines

The equipment inside the mother’s body protects the fetus
  • Playing the number of equipment և organs մարմնի inside the fetal body is actively involved in the survival of the fetus, it is excluded, և the product is sufficient for its tissues.
  • After reviewing the 5-6 stages of pregnancy, the secret cord is formed, the fetus is reproduced in the form of a guide with the necessary tissues, and the secret cord is attached to the uterus, which clings to the uterus with mercy.
  • What is the secret of the secret rope?
  • When the umbilical cord is inhaled, oxygen enters the fetus to carry it, so it passes through the tail to the fetus, as the embryo is released from the second carbon oxide by the mother’s tail.
  • In other words, the second oxide carbohydrates are transported to a dead body in al-Mashima to reach the path leading to the mother’s tail, expelled by her sapphires.
  • As for the external virtues of the fetus, the food և the elements that the mother’s body craves for the fetus, it does not cross paths. Thus, he sends various objects to her in a secret rope.

The evolution of fetal safety և safety issues

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In most cases, fetal development is possible at the age of 35-36.

  • In most cases, the embryo folds at the age of 35-36, the case is different from the fetus to the end, and in the case of an aborted child, doctors perform a test. save the child.
  • Before the baby is born in the womb, it is surrounded by amniotic fluid, the fetus is exposed to the fetus as it is, and the fetus feels the fetus for the first time in the last trimester of pregnancy.
  • But the fact is that the roads end with the help of safety issues, it is a natural thing that does not end in the fruit at all.
  • If you have a problem with your abdomen or occipital cords, the fetus may be able to breathe or get enough oxygen from it, so it is confiscated.

Definition of Al-Mazid. How do you determine if your child is suffering from malicious intent?

During childbirth, the fetus breathes and then cries!

Why does the patient stay after birth?
  • When the fetus is born with a secret line of competition, և the question is validated as far as it’s normal և it is presented to us at a 12-37% birth rate.
  • And for the most part, whatever the problem, it is in this situation, if the secret cord does not move, the fruit is obliged to mix the fruit with what it needs.
  • And if the secret rope is tight enough to the neck of the fetus, then the amount of oxygen in the secret rope is limited.
  • And some ask about the baby crying after giving birth.
  • And when it is exposed to foreigners, the baby’s booth, և there is a change in temperature, the baby is born.

Causes of fetal respiratory problems after birth

Bekaa al-Razi is due to lack of oxygen
  1. When the baby does not get enough oxygen after birth, the oxygen deficiencies, սր the sanctuary in the baby’s nose և the body needs oxygen …
  2. Problems with occipital cords, such as occipital cord defects or obstruction of the patient’s eye.
  3. Absence of fetus in the uterus with the right egg.
  4. The difficulty of childbirth is due to interruption, and the material is obtained when the fetus is enough to enter childbirth.
  5. But the embryo will leave after it is too late to spend.
  6. Al-Nazif al-Shadid twelve pregnancies or births.

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