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diseases of pregnancy

Reasons for acquiring a carrier in a developing city

Despite the suffering և difficulties when the bearer rapes her during a long pregnancy և until she reaches the city of development. If they are made up of books և crying և emotions, և cheating in the mood … և the present nature of these books is the reason for the reflection of the և carrier և the senses of the environment. Induction և uses Dr. Ibrahim Al-Hawari for explanation և analysis of gynecological diseases և childbirth.

Carrier nervousness in a developing city

Hormonal-psychological changes affect the development of the carrier
  • Along with the hormonal changes that take place in the last third of pregnancy, talent is born, while the physical and mental changes take place in a developing city.
  • As the bearer opens some of the poets of the heart և incarnations, և the child’s evil thoughts և the child’s health և the child’s fear.
  • Either their beauty concerns բաց lack of attractiveness to them, or future adoption unknown to the child, or lack of health based on the loss of children.
  • In the expanding city, a woman transporter strives to make a special deal with the couple, their children, the environment, while they safely work on it, overcoming their desires and desires.

Reasons for carrying the carrier:

Getting pregnant carries one of the 23 closest water carriers
  • The medical evidence is that about 23% of women try to get a pregnancy book in different degrees, but the family of the bearer’s book is not mentioned in some cases, but it is the largest և the most. in an influential situation.
  • Before birth, the wearer’s mental state is strengthened by fear, especially if you are the first to experience pregnancy և child և nation.
  • Poems and wishes are created for the sake of the child and the applicant, and there is a lack of control over the practical part of the applicant, or if you are worried about the news of divorce and the child.
  • It is not a sign, as long as all these fears do not exist, և this is a complete և natural poem, և it is possible to endure the talent of a loved one waiting for gold.

Definition of Al-Mazid. Reasons to Hire a Carrier

The aftermath of bearing in a developing city

Books are written by the bearer in proportion և color
  • Despite the fact that the poet of joy և excels, if scientific research does not emphasize that you are the relative of the bearer, you know from books.
  • And the books of the common disease have a negative effect on consciousness, behavior and thinking, they turn your thoughts into feelings or illusions, or loss or anger.
  • And what are the manifestations of this book? The twists and turns of mourning and the deception of temperament have no clear reason for them, the continuation of hours or days with the abolition of books is short, then it is praised.
  • It is difficult in Turkey, the loss of something ը the end of the desired extension.
  • Consciousness with poets is a denial of self-consciousness, and the absence of destiny with consciousness is a sin.
  • Sleep disturbances, the guarantee of long or short sleep, the rapid and rapid activation of nerves are the causes.
  • The sweat and sweat of feet and sweat, the bearer of the excess of cowardly poems.
  • The desire to get rid of the fetus և is about attacking a woman in the state of intense books.
  • Most of these symptoms are caused by the perception of the soul, but it is better to take it to the doctor if it is taken longer or longer.

Other reasons not to read Expanding City

Marriage’s secret conflicts are more important than bearers
  • Existence of medical history, family or personal, in books.
  • خافات زوجية أاو.
  • أدوية العقم والکسوبة ، حالات فقدان الحمل السابق.
  • Jihad նվ the achievement of life, the multiplication of natural bearing.
  • Weakness of social attachment, other than in it.

Getting pregnant affects the fetus

The doctor advises if the books are closed to patients
  • The answer is yes. Because the children of generations are sick of books, they are the least happy, the least diligent, because they seem older than the generations of generations.
  • Normal lactation during pregnancy does not affect the fetus.
  • The mother’s emotions are able to reach mercy, so the one who has the desire to receive it is second only to the time when the child is waiting for his arrival, happiness is happy to achieve the best.
  • The question of the nation in the book makes it impossible to carry or carry food, and most of the taste is the cause of malnutrition – the effect on the health of the fetus.

Introduction Al-Mazid. How come your baby is not accepted by the newborn?

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