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diseases of pregnancy

Reasons for delaying pregnancy after the punishment of children

What is the reason for the delay in conceiving with children or most of them? Եւ Why is the delay after having multiple births? رغم أن المرأة لا تعاني من أمراض تمنع الحمل وتعيقه لهذا سنوضح لكل السيدات, بعد استشارة الاختصاصيين, أسباب تأخر الحمل بعد عدة ولادات, ولابد لنا أن نعلم أن المشكلة ربما تكون لدى المرأة أو لدى الرجل لهذا يجب إجراء الفحوصات الطبية لمعرفة أسباب تأخر الحمل:

Delayed pregnancy for no reason.


After medical examinations, in the absence of medical results for both men and women, the Lord will delay the resurrection for some reason.

High height stairs.

It is possible for a woman to attack until the heat in the jacuzzi or sauna is removed until the pregnancy is delayed. Like most science classes, beware of the attack of the bearer for the jacuzzi, of the heat of the sky causing the descent, of some urging for the fetus, it’s a sign to generations. As for the attack of men with high fever, it leads to the harm of animals, the weakness of their numbers. So they are waiting for the 6th time.


Self-harm is a factor in delaying pregnancy

For the patient, the mental state is possible, in addition to the consequences of pregnancy, in terms of the negative impact of the state of mind on the woman, up to the ankle sprain.

The birth of Al Qaeda.

Cesarean section is sometimes performed before the canal becomes blocked, forcing the couple to go to the hospital with their children.


Taddi al-Samna wa al-Wazin al-Zayed al-Taqis al-Baydah, as it prohibits pregnancy.

Difficulty in getting pregnant

First priority.

One of the reasons for the delay of pregnancy is that after the age of 35 a woman is a priority in life, as long as it is not too late, it becomes difficult to get pregnant.

What can be done?

Competitors of the days of duty:

1- Emphasize that you should not wait for the talent belt to be worn, as you did during your first pregnancy, so you should ask yourself, and if you are far from the city, you are not organized, or if you: have the opportunity to change.

2. Is the time limit for washing bad, or does intimacy only occur then (or does pregnancy at least make it possible)? Return to hire an accountant.

3- Experiments are made with your food system, so it is possible that you are jealous of your eating habits, because you moved the child from the first to the third for the sake of saying: This question is possible because excesses in sufficient consumption are not useful for acquisition, but they are equal in secondary wisdom.

4 – The correct record of your habits և lifestyle. Is the cause of the previous generation worse than your generation as long as they do not smoke positively? If the answer is yes, then there is no time to be inclined, because smoking will be pushed to the forefront of life, it will take you away from the private. If you do not learn from us, you will have enough of the names. Now is the time for you to stick to healthy habits, but the job is not yours alone. So if your partner is eating blood, it will affect your character as well.

5 – What is the difference between your health և your health և? Is it a new chronic condition that arises from the birth of your firstborn? If the changes that lead to the health of the person responsible for the second degree, then the news is that some correct health adjustments are clear, such as the transition to a two-year-old child.

5 – On the coffee balance, did you lose or gain weight after the baby was finished? Because your weight is likely to affect your character, so if you get as close as possible to a healthy body, you may be able to reach the second or third carrier you are used to.

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