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diseases of pregnancy

Reasons to offer a stone carrier uterus

The reasons for the increase in the number of stones in the uterus of the carrier – the hardening of the stomach, which is relatively common in twelve carriers, as the number of stones in the uterus is twelve to the corpse of most carriers. And if they do not accept knowledge, if stoning the heart is natural, then it will call for anxiety. After all, carrying a pregnant uterus is one of the most common carrying diseases.

If for a number of reasons it is possible to remove the stone from the uterus, then the women’s magazine will have the following information:

1- Inflammation of the rectum

Acquisition of a number of carriers with inflammation of the rectum

As the pregnancy progresses, it is natural to stretch the muscles ել to connect the abdomen with the elongation, which makes the abdomen stiff. As a result; The wearer may have more than a handful of inflamed ligaments, but it is unlikely to continue continuously in the lower body և it may spread to the abdomen.

To alleviate the inflammation of direct intercourse, it is allowed to rest for a long time, to move the survival in the senses with one egg. وعد أحدي الطق المفضلة هي الاستلقاء على برای

Definition for the majority. Gemini should be defined by women while carrying

2- Braxton-Hicks contractions

The appearance of Braxton-Hicks contractions is normal in the third trimester of pregnancy, և it is not known, և it is temporary և does not cause the neck to widen. Some of these contractions are irregular, but they do change the duration of the pregnancy. The usual number of children is from the tenth to the thirteenth. duodenal contractions.

3- Digestive disorders

Harmonious changes in the carrier can cause digestive problems

التغيرات الهرمونية التي تحدث أثناء الحمل يمكن أن تسبب الانتفاخ والإمساك أثناء الحمل, بسبب التغيرات في هرمون البروجسترون والذي يؤدي إلى «ارتخاء» عضلات الأمعاء, مما يؤدي إلى إبطاء عملية الهضم, وبالتالي تحجر بطن الحامل, و لعلاج هذه الاضطرابات يوصى بزيادة تناول الألياف, وممارسة Al-Riyadh is organized.

4- Applications

Applicant և teacher complexity և majority approach with applicant dominance

On the other hand, Braxton-Hicks, who is a regular, frequent, knowledgeable applicant, approaches the maximum and maximum with the applicant’s dominance. The reason for these contractions is the hardening of the stomach.

Many times, when carrying a sign, the stomach is disturbed, it is necessary for you to rest, so it is necessary for the soul to breathe from the point of departure. Based on the practice of hope or the practice of light mathematics.

It is possible to take a shower; فيساعد الاستحامام باما الدفاي على الاسترخاء ، و تخفيف تقلصات الرحم; On the way out of the water, it is attributed to the stomach, or the body of a glass of water is built on them.

As long as the bearer rises to the point where he tends to be more inclined to eat in the latter than the bearer և the weight of the bearer’s excess of compassion.

The reasons for the number of gifts on the carrier stone

After all, it is necessary to respond to the fact that the offer to stone the lead has many reasons, most of which do not agree with a serious health horse. For example: Al-Nazif, Al-Jatiya, Al-Hammi, Alam Al-Qasim և reduction of children’s movements; If there is a sign of a serious doubling, if there are any consequences for the child, the doctor should be informed immediately.

Al-Mazid’s definition. 4 questions after the birth of a new nation

If the contractions are regular, և the teacher is right, և he does not stand still. The best attention is paid to the birds, but there are no signs near the birth.

Note from “Cidi Net”. Consult a specialist before using this feature or this treatment.

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