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Pregnant feeding

Return to the first city և The taste of the food you have to eat

If the price of a woman’s love is taken into account by the nature of obedience, համար it is clear to her that the hadith of domination is given, then it has been left in doubt և bears.
And the wicked will go to some changes in the horse’s life today to be respected, to enjoy the opportunity to have a child healthy,
Therefore, we say that this article is for those who do not have clear advice Carrying the first city: And the general symptoms on stage.

Carrying the first city:

  • The first city was established in four districts, և it is necessary to know that it is located in the first district.
    La Yakon Hanak Jenny.
  • Return the reason to the occurrence of the special after the next acquisition of the last menstrual period.
  • It is not possible to emphasize the existence of pregnancy in its absence, except for the quatrain, և that is when the menstruation is interrupted.
  • If you are sure of reaching the final answer, you will be corrected by performing a breathing test.
  • Because this information shows that it is the most reliable to carry in the first city, because it is the people who study the presence of the hormone in the breath և its quantity..
  • And at the end of the first city from the above-mentioned wall, the volume of the fruit does not exceed 2 – 3.5 millimeters.
  • The first days of pregnancy from a pregnant woman to a healthy, follicle-rich food system
    And in the poverty of the past, it is clear to you that the best food in town is the first pregnancy.

Postpartum pregnancy in the first city

  • Inflation in the third
  • Penetration of the body
  • Update:
  • Food and water supply:
  • Maghs or Nazif Tafif.
  • Non-dependent voice.
  • Al-Jatyan with Al-Qa’eda or Baduna.
  • Mineral taste in the mouth.
  • Fraud fraud.
  • Ալսմսակ.
  • Elevation of body temperature.
  • Hate food or cravings During the tenure of certain types

The first city food since pregnancy

  • The city is the first from which the society is obliged to take the woman who carries it in her food,
    وفيما يلي نضح لك عزتی المرعة الحامل بسض الصاح صهحه وهي كالآتی:
  • Product results. It is obligatory for you to ask Al-Khalib for love և Al-Zabadi’s egg in the form of a day,
    According to the calcium needed to stretch your body in the first city of pregnancy.
  • الصائر الطازجة: On the other hand, he is very concerned about eating fresh stones, especially the fruit of transmission, and jazz and the answer, in order to avoid the pain of the plague, the misery, and the abomination of the slaves. և The flu.
  • Benefits: It is imperative for you to be greedy for all kinds of food, without exception, և especially for foods rich in “Si” և al-Botasium vitamins, such as fruits and vegetables, as well as for transport, food, novelty և prosperity that tolerates. a large number of people.
  • Additions: What obligation do you have to increase the greed of eating small amounts of other non-complexes on a daily basis?
    لأنها سوف السععدك في ادمداد سسمك بالبروتين و المعادن الظملة
    And if you are one of those individuals who do not enjoy unnecessary benefits, you can add honey to them.
    Or add extra
  • Offer. To alleviate your desire for success’s feelings of sadness պատճառը the reason for it is the taste of the door,
    How much of the food does he enjoy և useful if he adds a moderate amount of sugar to it?
  • Al-Kharwaat Al-Wareeqah: Tolerance to fiber-rich vegetables has a number of benefits in terms of acting on the body և human body, as if in addition to natural solvents, skin joints are added, so do not eat the skin. և skin.
  • White honey. Do not adjust the attachment of white honey in the form of a day, as honey acts on the removal of the barrier գ stretches the layer needed for the delivery of the day.
  • Description of baked bread. It is easy for you to cut the children’s toast or the white egg of the oven.
    At the urging of the believer and by increasing the feelings of grief and retention.
  • Al-Batis Al-Mashwiya. I may eat Al-Batis Al-Mashwiya’s explanations in Al-Farn, which has little effect.
    Walt Suff
  • Quotes և perfect love. You must be very anxious to eat your food, that’s why you are rich.
    With the follicle և the one that has the heaviest elements in the first city of pregnancy.
  • ومن الجدير با ذذر أن حمض الفوليك يتجود أضًا في تلك الطعمة: الحمضيات ، الخميرة,
    الغم البقري ، البروكلي والبازلاء ، الفاصوليا الخضراء وديضاء ، السلمون والتونة.

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