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Pregnant feeding

Safe drinks for you կր while carrying your fruit

Most women do not want to have healthy drinks with food during pregnancy. And make these drinks easier for a pregnant woman who is taking certain medications; she also forbids it – in case of some common diseases during pregnancy, such as ghosts in the morning, food and snacks.

And with that in mind, when you give birth to an Indian, you do not take in all the healthy drinks during pregnancy, so you need to realize that the drinks are part of your nutritious food system. However, some of the best safe drinks a pregnant woman can carry are guaranteed in their diet.

1. Nutmeg


يساعد ماء جوز الهند في الحفاظ على ترطيب الجسم وتخفيف التعب والإرهاق وهما من أعراض الحمل الشائعة وفقا لدراسة, يساعد ماء جوز الهند في الحماية من الأنظمة الغذائية التي تحتوي على نسبة عالية من الدهون, والتي تعد خطرا على وظائف الأيض والقلب والأوعية الدموية للجنين وتزيد من خطر Stroke at the moment of life և heart disease.

2. Lemon water

Drink safe during pregnancy համար for your fetus
Lemon water

Lemon milk is a buffer of vitamins (especially vitamin C): minerals, which extends to the development երեխայի development of the child. It helps prevent fetal disturbances, body alignment, inflammation relief, anti-poisoning, maternal grief, and restraint. And at the same time beware of excess, as it is possible that the juice of excess lemon will cause some negative symptoms, such as heartburn կոր tooth loss.

3. Asayer al-Fakah al-Tazajah

Drink safe during pregnancy համար for your fetus

The effects of some fresh fruits, such as the taste և transmission effect, have a positive effect on the fetal nervous system at the time of gaining life while eating during pregnancy. This is due to the connection between the exposure of the limbs, the transmission of the taste, the effect of the fruit, remembering the communication, respecting a number of familiar factors.

The other artifacts are the artifacts of the field; sweets and candles are measured in the vertical parts of the sanctuary, which is good for the wearer, it stands out in season.

4. Daughters

Drink safe during pregnancy համար for your fetus
To take the daughters’s mother’s mother

It is the best moisturizer for the carrier during the summer season;

وفقا لدراسة, فإن الحليب ومنتجات الألبان غنية بالعديد من العناصر الغذائية الحيوية والمركبات النشطة بيولوجيا, ويمكن أن يؤثر الاستهلاك المعتدل لها بشكل إيجابي على نمو الجنين ووزن الأطفال عند الولادة, يحتوي الحليب على عناصر غذائية مثل الكالسيوم والبوتاسيوم والفوسفور وفيتامين ب 12 واليود والريبوفلافين التي قد تساعد Excessive fetal preservation քը Admiration of pregnancy results.

5. خل التفاح:

Drink safe during pregnancy համար for your fetus
خل التفاح:

Some drinks may be affected by any taste, pleasure, moisture, or health during pregnancy. Do not worry about the exact amount of food from the living environment, such as menstrual cramps, constipation, vitamin C, vitamin B2, calcium, sodium, and potassium, just like the forearm. In addition to smoking, you can drink alcohol to prevent common symptoms, such as high blood sugar, difficulty digesting, and difficulty controlling your breathing.

6. Moghali Al-Kumun

The lesson seems to be that you are one of those companions who eats them with a normal egg during pregnancy. Who is helpless in the treatment of uterine pain, և he is in a bad mood, և he forbids the ghosts of the morning, և treats indigestion. What makes a halibut so easy to make and wear?

7. Asayer Al-Khudhar

Drink safe during pregnancy համար for your fetus
To each carrier

The study of eating too much seems to be related to the sound of a healthy fetus for the fetus և under seven years of age. Fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, vitamin C, silicon, as well as potassium and many plant chemicals. You can add broccoli-like basil’s khudar, make it sweet, sweet, smooth և more than khudar al-waqi. Note that it is from Al-Jad al-Khidr after purification; If the intentions may be due to some digestive problems.

8. Halib Al-Suwiya:

The duckling’s son is easily devalued when carried in a temperamental state; woman. Strong, to be consumed in limited quantities; Plant extracts, such as daizein և genistein, do not have some harmful effects.

9. Plant seeds

Water is used to sow beverages, for example, to treat digestive problems, increase the number of empty blood vessels, scatter rays, and strengthen the barrier for pregnant women. The seeds of the thing are nourished by nutrients such as smell, woman, people, calcium, magnetism, limit և phosphorus, which grows in the development of the child.

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