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diseases of pregnancy

Sensitivity of the skin in early pregnancy և causes

تيدريدين سيدتينا أضععأرار وأسباب. Sensitivity of the skin in early pregnancy ? Follow us in this article և introduce it to you, except for other diseases that have been introduced to them.

Causes of skin sensitivity in early pregnancy

If the carrier acquires sensitivity in early pregnancy, the result is the number of causes, և from it.

  • If you were a pregnant woman, you would have sensitivity in the twelve months of pregnancy. فبنسبة:
    The older you get, the more your children are at risk of self-immolation.
  • If the carrier acquires sensitivity as a result of the easing of prohibited means, it means:
    The bearer in twelve carriers.
  • If you are a carrier, you are sensitive to the love of impotence or the pocket of denial.
    Al-Hassasia is a limited type of food. فتكون مزضه بسكل کبير للإصابة:
  • Agreeing on some physiological changes in men at the beginning of pregnancy. Even:
    The corpse is responsible for the violation of the nature of the body by the presence of the fetus in the uterus, the secretion of hormones in the uterus by extruders, which leads to the sensitivity to the temptations of the atmosphere.

And then we were introduced to the reasons Sensitivity of the skin in early pregnancy.

Carrier of sensitive symptoms

  • حكة.
  • Inflation of the face.
  • Swelling of the reproductive organs.
  • طفح جلدي.
  • Increased body temperature.
  • The emergence of love և its spread in different parts of the body.
  • Vaginal inflammation.
  • suffocation.

And then we introduced ourselves Carrier of sensitive symptoms.. ت unchangeable Skin carrier diseases.

Skin carrier diseases

  • He is one of the few who is hit by the defensive burden,, what happens is the result of excess skin lengthening, տարած it spreads on the fur և becomes very intense, և it’s good that it does not work.
    With the heart on the fetus, and after birth to get rid of the bearer.
  • If you only have a family history. The lack of appropriations for the exegesis in the form of a severe sentence:
    From the beginning of the city of pregnancy.
  • If in the third trimester of pregnancy the appearance of fiqhs on your skin with extreme wisdom. If misfortune happens during pregnancy, this inflammatory disease will continue until it is born after birth, which will cause the fetus to double.
  • One of the rare ones is the one who hit you with a bearing hook, և if you hit the third third of the bear with your fuselage, it shows in the form of trials ձեռք on the sling of the hands, and then the third. one.
  • It has the property of attaching to the corpse, which affects the liver.

And then we introduced ourselves Carrier of diseases Skin .. Follow us in the future to suggest some carrier diseases that you should offer for the price.

Pregnancy diseases that are transmitted to the fetus
  • The German occupation of the first city, which gained the fruits attributed to him in trouble
    It is determined either in the heart, or in the nervous system, or in the offspring of the fetus, or in your father.
  • The secret of pregnancy is due to the excessive volume of the fetus; And the baby means a medium deficiency of sugar after birth.
  • Al-Ghadiri Al-Ma’in in the first third Carry: ينتقل إلى النجنان متسببًا في:
    Desires for greatness մեջ in the nervous system.
  • Inflammation of the liver type B, if it affects the carrier
    Children are 90% dependent on disruptive activities.
  • The bacterium of the vagina was exposed to the weight of the fetus.
    In this case, you will face one of these diseases, which will make you greedy.
    Follow them with a dedicated doctor և Follow the treatment that affects you.

وإلى هُنا نكون considered: Sensitivity of the skin in early pregnancy. Types of risk

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