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diseases of pregnancy

Signs of near birth |: Side Magazine:

The one who leads և binds to the end of the stage, the moment when he stands up and the new double is on his back, you are in the seventh or third trials. And the moment and the end of the road, և you know that the leading world is silent, until the new world does not know what to do և does not sit still, և Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Sabili explains the diseases of women և children. explanation.

Before birth..the beginning of the contractions of mercy

The requirement is the operation of the child, because it reverses the contractions of the uterus և ends with the birth of the child.

A child going down to the bottom of the pool is a talent for someone who takes the job as long as the adults are not less than the beginning of the field.

What happens between the two “fourths” of children before they are born, declaring their repetition of their love for the Imam? The baby’s head is now lying on the bladder.

Prolongation of mercy .. the beginning of mercy in the extension of the days or days before birth, և contractions in the uterus, with the feeling of convulsions ավել increase of midday pain, especially. If it:

Before birth … there is an event for the muscles of the body

Lack of consciousness in the lower part of the body with certain concussions, pains, accepting it with the applicant’s approach, in terms of stretching your muscles and joints, changing the child’s talent.

Before applying, you should take into account that the joints of all parts of your body are exposed to most of them – this is a natural way for your body to apply for the birth of a baby.

There is a tendency to stretch the muscles of the body to give birth, it may be due to the fact that it is difficult to get rid of it, it is one of the symptoms of repetitive tenderness that the rabbit was able to: to die in other parts of the body.

Some nations have lost weight for weight near the end of pregnancy և it’s natural և does not affect your baby’s weight due to the contraction of safety issues around mercy.

Signs of the birthday

The first is the descent of the uterus, which is the expression of mixed spheres, which rises from the cervix և appears before the birth of the uterus, but with scars or hours or days of scarcity. and the bearer is not considered.

There is now too much movement for the stomach to cause birth defects easily, which means that the baby has the opportunity to pass through the birth canal, he spreads his mercy, he expands until he is 10 years old. .

Consciousness with concealment, the mind of the wearer with which he breathed easily, as he was before pregnancy or as in the womb of the first pregnancy,

Tamzq al-Qays

Differences or divorces or reductions in alms ..

Strengthening the amniotic sac by the baby means attaching the membranes of the environment to the national fetus through amniotic fluid.

The contractions, or contractions, or contractions of the uterus are severe; և the sign is firm on it when it is time to give birth; , և it moves.

It can be continued as long as it is open to the “future” of the dead, except for 5 minutes. Arm the performer to examine the fruit.

After that, the child is pulled from the head to the world.

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