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diseases of pregnancy

Signs of near birth |: Side Magazine:

If you do not have a baby, Caesarean section will be for a limited time, so it is very likely that one day your baby will be born between babies, up to your date of birth, and babies after them. Good luck, you have some signs in front of the applicant և, եք you are the sign that you are waiting for the day. Until you get something for the baby ավարտ end of pregnancy … Your body is ready to learn the first signs of application և talent. How do you know about “Said և children” news և doctors?

Lose weight

Lose weight

Some women gain up to 2,000 grams before giving up water and increasing it. And with that, they think that your weight will stop the excess at the end of the third third of pregnancy.


In general, poets who have the right to reach the end of the third trimester of pregnancy. Despite the difficulty of rest, but the resurrection. فالولدة قادمة و استحتاجین ىلی الثير من الطاقة.
Definition of augmentation: stages of pregnancy և childbirth

Stages of mercy

Որոշ Some signs of approaching the application are too many. Given that the child is convinced, it is likely that the excess will come down from the speaker.

Stirghbin in order:

Most of the intentions of the newborn are spread by the presence և desire, in which there are all the connections, from the arrangement and order և to the talent of the child. Despite your awareness, when the defense defends itself for awakening, there is no spread of physical jihad.


Lightning և noon signs from near birth signs

One day or another, before the application is made, the groom turns into an achievement of his mercy. And with that it is possible to cause these damages as well. But this saffron is your ears և the taste of your mercy in the form of most is enough for both of you.
Definition of Al-Mazid. Letters to make birth easier

ألم في الظهر:

The side of meaning is the egg of ordinary women’s diseases, women’s eyes are also double.

Laminated joints

Hermon is the last Yazdad, and then the first appendix, Al-Astrakhan. فهو لا يسععد هودك على التعساع فحسب, بل ين يعثرا أيضاً على كه المفائل. Therefore, it is possible for a drug addict to move most addicts.


Expansion of mercy

For the talented generation, then lower the baby’s head into the pool. It is possible that it happens from the time of the day to the hours before the application starts, there are no recitations after relaxing in the pool, there are many changes.

Expansion of mercy

يصبح عنق الرحم قصر وأرق مع اجتراب المخاض. As a doctor, studying, realizing the expansion, expanding the woman’s mercy 10 years before the birth.


Kadum al-Mawlud

As soon as he begins to feel sorry for the expansion, he tries to block the attachment of the damaged area, which is blocked in the partition. Consequently, other signs of the applicant’s approach show condensed և mixed expressions before the applicant’s days. Although it is said that it is normal for a “widow” if it is not for her to be sent a conquering red, so she stressed then contacting your doctor if she sees a fever. conquering red.

Signs of the real applicant

Real birthmarks

The proportion of water

Although water comes down from the woman, 15% of women are the ones who keep the desire, because the largest of women means that the water of mercy goes down after the beginning of the desire. وتدفقه ناتج عن كسر أغشية الكيس الأمنيوسي It is necessary to be careful in this situation, as it is possible that he will enter there as long as the enemy does not enter into mercy և does not harm his child.

Severe fraud:

Taqlsat is not expected, but it’s not a teacher for the end և it can be reduced by changing position or item. Conversely, Braxton Hicks contractions, if the contractions of a real object are regular and learned, և it is not possible to reduce them or contractions. Given the fact that these contractions are designed to enlarge the cervix, it is similar to strong urban contractions, such as stomach upset or severe excruciating pain.

How do you determine when it is time to discover gold?

It’s time to find gold

In your opinion, if you have transformed into a congenital defect, then you should know that the most important day is to have the following symptoms:
1- When contractions occur, it is most often repeated. The contraction period is known as the contraction mode և the duration of the contractions. Your doctor’s secret in knowing this information is that he / she will not be able to give you advice from the date of discovery.
2 – In the case of false contractions, the contractions generally last about 5 minutes, but after 30 to 45 minutes the contractions are transformed into an effort. If this happens to a number of source people before it even starts in the real market.
3 – Despite the fact that all the expenses are different from the previous one, and it is not easy for him to repent, it is only probable that if this is the first case, and if almsgiving is extended to the qadis. , who enters the house before the time.
4. If you are the one who gave birth to you five, then the mercy extends to 4 Sam at the end of your visit. the occasion.

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