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diseases of pregnancy

Signs of pregnancy are especially after obedience

From the medical facts that a woman is born և enters 2 million ovaries, at the age of puberty that number decreases to 0004000; And the woman enters the womb at 400 o’clock, only to receive her for the rest of her life, և the woman acquires the ability to go to the abyss, հետո after marriage she prepares for an abortion.

News of pregnancy

Eruption after a pregnancy test result
  • The first signs of vulva are highlighted after the appearance of the pregnancy test result.
  • The small amount of blood և the decrease gradually decreases when a special ovary falls into the uterus of mercy, և it is planted for the menstrual cycle և has the closest sign of the beginning of pregnancy.
  • Al-Nazif is not usually heavy, but Al-Nazif is presumably light-armed, he is red or he is the son of Luni.
  • At the beginning of the last stage of pregnancy, the fear and excitement of the known signs awaken in the mind, as soon as it fills the special egg of the wall of mercy.
  • And when it comes to higher levels of these hormones, the number of people responsible for the cause in the fear-passion mind.
  • However, some women notice a decrease in blood pressure կր while wearing it increases blood production, which causes fever և water.
  • This happens in many women, the production of hormones ավել increase the length of the astronomical cycle to fertilize a special egg in the wall of mercy.
  • What is the reason for the call made during the second trimester և the third և mandatory pregnancy?

Stretching the pelvic floor muscles

Consciousness is concentrated in the abdominal muscles
  • From the usual phenomena as soon as he fills in the white; It is possible for a woman to contract in the abdominal muscles, it is possible for her to withdraw from the beginning of pregnancy, to continue the contractions of the lower abdomen for a long twelve months, until birth.
  • Breast change as a reflection of the presence of a breast wound or a palpable odor. And the covenant of polygamy is obligatory for the beginning of pregnancy և it returns to you to spend the blessings while processing the fruit.
  • However, a woman should take into account these weight changes in the near future in early pregnancy, such as .. the third is pleasure, exaggeration, weight gain, weight gain.
  • If the thorns on the thighs have grown, it’s the largest, most of all, or if the armor lines are drawn around the chest, the most visible eye is at the beginning of pregnancy.

Emergence of an urban area

Differences in the absence of a city circle
  • If there is no urban area, then the first signs of a bad pregnancy … despite some changes; Because when pregnancy occurs, the body begins to rise from the hormone to the endocrine gland.
  • If the urban area is closed during pregnancy, the absence of the urban area will be valid at the first signs of ovulation.
  • ومن الرار المكرة لتقیح الدوضة و بدء الممل; The stroke is increased or lightly supported by the obstruction of the penis և patient և ambassador.
  • However, it is also possible to pay attention to these symptoms, which are due to the weakness of the abdomen after implantation of the uterus in the uterine wall.
  • Therefore, the multiplicity of transitions ություններից one of the possible interpretations is the increase in the volume of mercy և especially the increase in the volume of the fetus in the womb so that it forms in the duodenum և it is possible that the present tense extends beyond the duodenum.

Definition for the majority.

Mourners from the city are signs of pregnancy

Al-Jatian because of the height of Hermon Al-Hamli
  • Notice that some women change their senses to taste in the mouth, լինել you may be one of the big signs of a blessed start to pregnancy.
  • And one of the signs … the strong desire to eat food is one of the blessed signs to take. Because the carrier needs the body to hold more than the water needed to constantly feed the carrier.
  • And it turns out that the passion in the first three cities turns into food, and after that into the third of the pregnancy.
  • Al-Jatyan is one of the most famous signs of the beginning of fertilization.
  • Some people pay attention to the mourners on the appointed days. Like the morning mourners, which is very common, while some of the mourners are long today, when the mourners are afraid to watch or not.

Change in food taste

Stings from pregnancy are common
  • There is an increase in restraint from common problems, in addition to other symptoms, as an excess of the duodenum during pregnancy is due to the extraction of the stomach, which increases the risk of stroke.
  • As soon as pregnancy begins, there is a change in the taste of food, except for the strong desire to eat or not to eat some food.
  • These symptoms appear after 7 days of obedience review.
  • At the time of the announcement of the beginning of pregnancy, the carrier was considered to be .. increase in body temperature և height; Due to the high level of the hormone Brogestro.
  • And some women consider a clear contraction of body temperature 7-10 days after obedience; If the secretion of Hermon Al-Brujastrun is delayed in the absence of ovarian fertilization, what is the degree of freedom?
  • The spread of a rash on the face is one of the common symptoms of pregnancy վ ovarian correction, but there is no change in the rash on the rash or night love starting from the outside; Because it is possible for the human race to be published as much as possible.

Definition of Al-Mazid. Habits of wearing more than a fetish

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