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Pregnant feeding

“Solidarity”. 120 children enjoy “The First Day of Life

أكدت الدكتورة نيفين القباج وزيرة التضامن الاجتماعي, إن برنامج «الألف يوم الأولى في حياة الأطفال« من أهم برامج الوزراة التى تستهدف الاستثمار في صحة وتغذية الأطفال من بداية الحمل وحتى عامين من عمر الطفل, حيث تقوم الوزارة على دعم الفئات الأكثر عرضة لسوء التغذية من الحوامل And the patients and children without a safe.

Announcements for all activities will be supplemented by social assistance to carriers and patients if the benefits of the first day for 43 children up to 120 children are too much for the program.

Waiting for the Ministry to follow the program of the conditional cash payment is “sufficient and honorable” in order to praise the signs of the end of the conditional conditional health care for the patient for health and health.

And the gestures of the gates until the ministry is made, and the struggle is followed by the rest of the gestures, which end in a sloping program. One can act on the fact that the number of children in the educational center is the information center of the ministers, but 11% of the deaths of children are due to malnutrition.

And he notes that the discipline is closer to 800 social leaders on the first day than the first, confirming that he is sending new messages about a pregnant woman’s patient’s health, that food is nourished by the heart or the lungs. .

And he added that if he leaves, then he will send messages to feed the child again.

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