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stages of pregnancy

Stages of embryonic development from the first stages up to 40

The bearer of experience, in addition to the imitator, who tries to do what he wants in his life, շարունակ the continuation of pregnancy 9 or 40 years before the examination of the և 9 or 40 years before the date of separation. “Third. The branches from the 28th to the 40th, in which, according to time, the narration about the stages of fetal development is known. ”Children’s center«.

The first stage of pregnancy.

The embryonic developmental stages are the first in three cities

من الأسبوع الأول وحتى الأسبوع الثالث عشر, وفى هذه المرحلة بعد عملية التخصيب البويضة بالحيوان المنوى من خلال انتقال البويضة إلى قناة فالوب وفى أثناء وجودها فى القناة تتمكن البويضة من التلقيح من خلال حيوان منوى واحد يصل لقناة فالوب من المهبل ويقوم بتلقيح البويضة, وتغلق البويضة الملقحة The outer layers are forbidden to enter from the animal’s last menu, the vacuum separates on its way from the column to the mercy, as one complements the egg white.

And in the first stage of carrying the city, from the first to the third, the child is born, the fetus is born, and the parts of the body are born in the womb, and the volume of the child is close to the volume. Love.

The four corners of the carrier.

Your child is a fruit, and you, born and born, special.

From carrying the fifth branch.

The fetus is fast in this process, դեպքում the beginning of pregnancy in case of occurrence is like:

The eighth source of pregnancy.

It starts with your child և as if at this point, at this stage, the verse is being read in the morning.

The seventh branch of the carrier.

Your baby will not be weaned at the beginning of the: ancestors, breeding, ության the amount of mercy will be doubled in the process.

The embryo develops into three branches
The embryo develops into three branches

The eighth branch of the carrier.

The baby moves steadily, despite the fact that he does not move after that.

The origin of enlargement from pregnancy

Fruit volume is compared.

From carrying the tenth branch

You are the most important part of shaping your child, shaping his limbs, shaping his big body, his talent.

الأسبوع ال 11 من الحمل:

Suf beats your baby, grabs his hand, pulls it, pulls it, or tastes the teeth under the gums.

الأسبوع ال 12 من الحمل:

تتكون الأصعات الصغيرة و تتشكل وينمو المتاغ.

Subscribe to 13 from the carrier:

She is the last of the first three cities of pregnancy, your baby now has the right hand և The length of the bag մոտ is approximately.

Fetal development in the second stage of pregnancy.

Stages of embryonic development from the fourth, even the seventh city
Stages of embryonic development from the fourth, even the seventh city

At this stage, the child reaches the age of 3 and a half և 28.3.

Chapter 14 of pregnancy.

From the beginning, your child was created with different interpretations of his face, of his poetry, because he was the happiest, the least intelligent in his speech.

Chapter 15 of pregnancy:

Your child’s poetry is formed by lamentation for the sake of taste, and this time the lamentation by closing the mouth has a side effect on the wearer.

Chapter 16 of pregnancy.

Avoiding in fetal development և weight և length loss.

Chapter 17 of pregnancy.

The big body changes by the grace of the one who is angry with the unfortunate to the big one, գաղտն the secret rope between him և in the morning is the strongest։ the strongest.

Chapter 18 of pregnancy:

The development of the baby’s genitals, and the increase of the carrier female genitals for food.

Chapter 19 from carrying:

The fruit of this branch can hear your voice.

Fruit in branches of 20
The fruit is in childhood

Under the carrier – 20.

You are now in the path of pregnancy.

Chapter 21 of pregnancy.

Forgive your child’s movement և tell him և the needy man is now for him.

22 subscribers from pregnancy.

Your baby will be born at this stage, և you will be born again, but then you will not finish it.

Chapter 23 Wearing.

And when you move, your baby will move, you will see inflation in the poor, the old.

Topics from 24 pregnancies.

Yazdad, the length of the baby, the weight ը the volume of the uterus, and now the volume of the sphere.

Subscribers 25 from pregnancy:

Baby poetry starts in the womb and adds to the meaning of your poetry this season.

Chapter 26 from carrying:

Your baby inhales a small amount of the fetus միջավայր’s doing breathing exercises.

الأسبوع ال 27 من الحمل:

The child opens, closes his eyes and smiles.

The third stage of pregnancy.

Stages of embryonic development from the seventh city to development
Stages of embryonic development from the seventh city to development

From the beginning of the 28th և until the beginning of the 40s it is possible for the gin to touch it with its egg, և it is added to the beginning of the poem or to the pain of the body, և

Chapter 28 of pregnancy:

Turn your eyes on your child to watch the pool with pity.

الأسبوع ال 29 من الحمل:

Stimulation of the baby մ մ մ մ կան:::::::::::::::::::::::::

Thirty 30 from the carrier:

The child now has a crime of 1360 kilograms, այժմ he now suffers from temper tantrums: temptations.

Chapter 31 of pregnancy:

Strong recitation is possible because you can not sleep.

Chapter 32 of the carrier:

Children are the most, with the addition of mercy they are able to move in the stomach ել to breathe.

الأسبوع ال 33 من الحمل:

The weight of the fruit is currently 1.82 kg.

Chapter 34:
Chapter 34:

Chapter 34 of carrying:

This is the center of the central nervous system և paths for children և poems with smoke and heat.

Examples of 35 from pregnancy:

The child is moved by repetition և the movements are repeated in your mercy.

Chapter 36 of Carry:

The weight of the child weighs, ները the poets begin to lower the pool to the floor when the time of birth approaches.

الأسبوع ال 37 من الحمل:

The baby’s nose is torn, mature, and in some organs there is more than one vaginal discharge ումներ contractions.

Chapter 38 Wearing.

If a child is forced to cling to things, he is warned about the signs of wearing it.

Chapter 39 of pregnancy:

Your children will be completely exhausted this season, they will wait for it to come to life.

Bottoms 40 of the carrier:

Your baby is in the fetal volume of a small student.

Children after birth
Children after birth

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