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stages of pregnancy

Stages of fetal development և development in the uterus

The number of embryonic developmental stages in the mother’s womb, from the beginning of the egg acquisition to the end of the developing city.

تتشوق الأمهات لمعرفة تطور الحمل, وكيف يتطور الطفل من الأسبوع الأول وحتى نهاية الشهر الأخير من الحمل, وفي تلك الفترة تستعد نفسيا لتتهيأ للولادة والرضاعة الطبيعية, وتربية طفلها, وفيما يلي نلقي الضوء على مراحل نمو وتطور الجنين في بطن الأم بالأشهر, والأسابيع بالتفصيل وبالصور:

  • Lesson The twins bear two fruits that do not bear fruit

Stages of embryonic development

The first city

Stages of fetal development և development in the uterus

  • في الأسابيع الأربعة الأولى من الحمل تبدأ الهياكل الأساسية للجنين في التطور إلى مناطق منفصلة لتشكل الرأس, والصدر, والبطن, والأعضاء الموجودة داخلهم, بالإضافة إلى البراعم الصغيرة على السطح والتي ستصبح أذرعا وأرجلا, ومراحل هذا الشهر تتمثل في (الإباضة, تخصيب البويضة, انتقال البويضة إلى الرحم, انقسام البويضة المخصبة لتتكون من كتلة خلوية اسمها مجتمعة التوتة, والتي تنتقل إلى الرحم لتنغرس به, ثم تتجوف لتتحول إلى كرة من السائل اسمها الكبسولة البلاستولية, والتي تنقسم إلى جزأين. الأول أعضاء الجنين, والآخر الأرومة المغذية, ثم تتطور المشيمة, وتزاد In the heavens,

The second city

Stages of fetal development և development in the uterus

  • The fetus begins to absorb food from the mother’s womb by means of a secret rope.
  • The members of the generation become as if they are carried away by the eyes.
  • In the heart of the fetus, it begins with a blood clot.
  • For those around them, the upper and lower parts become external.
  • Rotate some fetal organs of the body, such as the stomach և whole և liver.
  • The manifestation of the innocence of souls, the appearance of permission on the outside, the manifestation of your points to make it easier for them to see.
  • Turn off the images on the creation ceiling.
  • Embryo division around the body to show the appearance of competitors.
  • The fetal heartbeat can easily be compared to the conversion of the aforementioned sound waves in eavesdropping.
  • The evolution of the physiological brain ական the continuity of the internal organs of the body, սկ the beginning of the liver in the formation of empty blood in the uterus.
  • The appearance of the embryo in the surroundings is clearly visible in the branches of the thighs, the beginning of the eggs in appearance as the appearance of the eyes.
  • Turn the big embryo into a creation.
  • In the 8th century the length of the fruit reaches half.

Third city

Stages of fetal development և development in the uterus

  • In Chapter 12 the embryo grows up to 2 cases.
  • The embryo begins to move, և all its roots and forearms can be perceived.
  • The fetal heartbeat may be heard above the sound waves.
  • From the above sound channels it is possible to know the members of the generation of letters.
  • The appearance of the hands on the forearm is clear, and the appearance of the horse on the forehead.
  • Become the forerunner and bearer of food.
  • The manifestation of love և the beginning of miserable intentions in appearance.
  • Complete the development of various internal organs, such as the heart, liver, whole և brain.
  • Reaching the size of the fruit, growing to the bones under the gums.
  • The fruit breathes from the path of safe questions.
  • Permits are filled in, ձայն an audio autograph is formed for the fruit.


Stages of fetal development և development in the uterus

  • Ignore the eyes և I will easily limit my heartbeat.
  • The manifestation of the guilt of the face from the mouth, from the mouth, from the inclination, from the permission, from the appearance of the hands, from the forehead.
  • The fruit gains muscle strength that can be swallowed.
  • The development of the spleen is complete, the movement of the և fetus և its calves increases, but it is not known to the mother.
  • We have legs that are longer than the legs.
  • The performance of the fetal joints in the form of nephritis, and the beginning of air production in the form of nephritis.
  • تفرز الغدة الدرقیة هرمونات المتثلی الغذائي.
  • In the first 16 of the beginning of pregnancy, the length of the fetus is announced, there are 4 and a half left, and the breast is exposed.

الخهر الخامس:

Stages of fetal development և development in the uterus

  • It is possible that the fetus at this stage will irritate the facial muscles և grab and touch the ambiguity.
  • The poetry of the fetus begins with its appearance, the heads and limbs, and the mouse.
  • It’s a metaphorical practice և the practice of filling the body with the best eggs, such as the perfection of the body և the perfection of the ages.
  • Enlighten the eyes առ Praise those who can influence և Respond to it.
  • The place and permission of the eye is confirmed, and the members of the generation are confirmed.
  • Consciously turn the nation into fetal movements, and then into a special nervous system of the fetus.
  • You are responsible for the emotional emptiness of taste, hearing, eyes, eyes և touch.
  • Always turn your baby’s teeth, turning them behind the baby’s teeth.
  • In twin branches, the length of the fruit reaches 6 positions.

Al-Sadd City:

Stages of fetal development և development in the uterus

  • The development of palpation on the fetus, the wall of Wilms’s mercy: poetry.
  • The fruit hears the sounds of the towel և responds to all external influences of sound.
  • This is a poem about the body of the fetus.
  • The fruit reaches 30 years old, and in the third և tenth stages weighs 600 grams.
  • Establishing neural connections; the beginning of knowledge in research; the emergence of more accurate manifestations for the fetus.
  • In Season 24, the child was born with 650 penalties, for which no votes were answered, as the channels of the child’s internal permission were over.

City hours:

Stages of fetal development և development in the uterus

  • Roll the eyes of the fruit in the opening, and start breathing if there is a small amount of water in the fruit.
  • The fruit reaches a length of 36.5 toxins and weighs 900 grams.
  • Callers’ nerve network.
  • In the case of three և tenths, a natural child weighs more than 1 kg.

City of Al-Samen

Stages of fetal development և development in the uterus

  • The fetus is absorbed by the skin through the uterus.
  • Mercy begins for generations when the fetus’ heart beats from head to toe.
  • At the beginning of 32 the fetus can move 10 times a day for 4 hours.

Development city:

  • Apply a layer on the skin of the embryonic mouth, regulate its temperature, extend it before leaving the uterus to prepare for the new world.
  • Fill in all the parts of the fetus from birth to after birth.
  • The fetus is informed of the number of questions of the fetus, so that during the fetal period it is moved to emptiness, և mercy is reserved for the stage of birth of the fetus.
  • At the age of 36, the child is ready for childbirth, and the weight of the child և the child differs according to the inheritance և sex of the parents.
  • The baby begins to multiply in a position to reach the pool first, and then it becomes difficult to move, so the birthplace is disrupted, and then the mother wakes up with the birth of the fetus.

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