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stages of pregnancy

Stages of fruit formation in the Holy Qur’an

He entered the stages of development and formation of the fetus in the Holy Qur’an in the words of the Almighty (O people! [الحج: 5], As it is said in Surah Al-Mu’minin in the words of the Almighty (And We created man from the dust of the earth * Then He made the sperm in the place of Makin * Then He created the sperm. Our interest is created by our creator, our creation is created by God. [المؤمنون: 12-14].

And in the Qur’an the stages of fruit formation were not explained and explained.

Germination stage
At this stage the male genitals are expelled from the male, so the animal is one of the only ones found in the ovaries of females.

Creation phase
After the operation, the target is pulled towards the target in the process of redemption for five to ten days before reaching the pit of mercy.

Chewing phase
ابتداء من الأسبوع الثالث للحمل تبدأ مرحلة تكوين جديدة للجنين تحدثت عنها الآيات الكريمة وهي مرحلة المضغة غير المخلقة, حيث تظهر صورة الجنين في صورة شبيهة بمضغة الطعام تستمر في التغذية والانقسام حتى تصبح مضغة مخلقة, ومعنى مخلقة أي تبدأ في التمايز في شكل الأعضاء, وتتشكل في Describe the stage of nerves, glands և senses from hearing ությունից from sight.

The stage of creation of greatness և wisdom
The developmental stage of the fetus ends before it reaches the end of the first city, at the beginning of the fourth city, as it turns into the stage of fetal formation, which consists of the body of the fetus. The creation of the future differs from the stages of the first embryo in that the members are clearly distinguished in the stage of differentiation, և the creation of man is complete.

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