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Pregnant feeding

Stoning in a developing city

عندما يبدأ الشهر التاسع من الحمل, تبدأ الاستعدادات للولادة, كما أن المشاكل الصحية تزداد لدى الحامل, بسبب كبر حجم الجنين وتمدد الرحم, والتغيرات الهرمونية التي تصاحب الاستعداد للولادة, ولذلك فعلى الحامل أن تتحمل هذه المشاكل لأنها ستصبح أما عما قريب, وتتبع النصائح التي تجعلها Let us consider this stage in peaceful conditions, from those problems that are accompanied by the problem of hardening of the uterus of the bearer, to the state of explaining to the worshipers to the doctor, advising women and children in a special hadith with the words “Said”. “Your child.”

Causes of stoning in a developing city

Someone is frozen
  • Excess weight of the fetus, which increases the pressure on the pelvic area.
  • Digestive changes that affect the carrier of the developing city, especially. The carrier’s perception that the stomach is “rigid” is relative to the horse that allows the developing embryo to develop and change its movement in the digestive tract.
  • Change the movement from gifted to jaws or vice versa, it goes to the mind with knowledge in the pool և fossil region.
  • The emergence of an unconfirmed state in the pool region by the movement of the joints of the pool according to equality, պատճառով all this due to the weight of the fetus հղի predominantly during pregnancy,, but its poetry is: petrified
  • If the carrier suffers from extreme movement, then the distance from most drug addicts increases due to knowledge, and consciousness increases in the womb.

Definition of Al-Mazid. What is the meaning of fetal movement?

Stones after the sowing in the developing city

  • Awareness of the environment related to the fetus’s abdomen is generally similar to weight և weight: stress. Knowledge extends to the lowest circle of winners and winners.
  • Hearing the sound of a drop due to the weight of the stones in the pool.
  • The bearer added to the fraud with twelve names. The bearer with the stone գիտ the knowledge of getting out of the car, or the car. And poetry with knowledge, even when apostasy և the dismemberment of clothes, փոփոխ the change of rebellion in the movement of the right to benefit their arms.

Definition of Al-Mazid. The fruit egg in the fourth city

Advice on dealing with body stone in a developing city

It is possible to experience some physical development
  • Swimming pool pain անումը uterine obstruction in enlarging city due to fetal overweight և pool size contraction պատճառով due to poor poverty,
  • Maintaining weight, for example, with a balanced diet and good health.
  • There is no waqf on the sole of the foot, or no document is enough to weigh the body on a single foot.
  • The result of bathing is the healing of muscles, the whispering of pain և weight և weight և stone reduction.
  • The body is not specific to natural healing, which is systematically strengthened by the muscles of the pool, և it is possible to get the contractions of the load, և the structure of the body is determined during two special natural treatments.
  • Artaa tenderness through special natural means.

Addition of corresponding numbers և Simplification of the position between the legs.

Note from “Sidati Net”. Before using this description or this treatment, consult a specialist.

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