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stages of pregnancy

Take into account the number of pregnant women և date of birth

Account of the number of bringers . Until the protection of the health and well-being of their fetus, until they complete their birth peacefully, if that goal is to persuade them with constant knowledge. Account of the number of bringers ; فتابعينا لنعرضه لكِ.

Account of the number of bringers

  • It is possible for the wearer to easily calculate the number of heavy carriers ես visors in their homes.
    From the patient’s section; So what do you do for a living?
    Google Play Android apps or App Store app for iOS apps
    If you choose from a family to prove it to you.
  • For pregnancy to be of three stages, the whole stage is limited to a large number. real inside
    Al-Satur Al-Taliya; لنتعرف عليها معًا, وما يحدث في كل مطهة.
  • Because it is possible to calculate all four quarters in which the city is complete, excluding the first branch.
    From pregnancy after menstruation; After taking the leave, the first bill was taken from the holder
    For you after the first day of the last urban area; If it’s the first day of the last period of the city that you pay five thousand, then the position of the bearer is four quarters.

What are the stages of pregnancy?

The development of my three stages Carry:وهي:
The first stage is the third of the first, and the first of the three is the city of pregnancy.
The second stage, which is one-third of the second, which is three-thirds of the city of pregnancy
– The fourth, the fifth, the third city.
الأسبوع الـ 14 حطى الأسبوع الـ 27 من الحمل.
– The third և last stage վերջին the last third of pregnancy – The fourth city before the city expands
Whit was the heavy bearer in him
The generation of 28 to 40, then the last generation account will end, this stage will be in the generation of 42, at the time of birth.

Matthew is the first to count

Orphan mainly The first account of pregnancy The day after the first day of the last city district for you. If it’s the first day of the last period of the city that you pay five thousand, then the bearer is four quarters.

The quality of the balance sheet from the end of the period
  • itm: Accounting account From time to time
    ت د ط ط ط د د د د go go go go go go go go go go go go go
    Android app or app store owner in iOS app; فبداية عليكِ تحميل إحداها على هاتفك المحمول ومن ثم خدخال هذا التاريخ; To manage the account
    From the end of your period.
  • But if you calculate the expenses, you will be rewarded after leaving the club, from the first day of the last city period for you հետո after leaving this club; فيتم hesab أربعة أسابيع, وبهذا تكونين حامل في:
    The first city և, which for you is basically the last of the last five hundredths of the city district.
Accurate account of date of birth
  • What are some applications for the deadline? If at any time he deviates from the other, և when he finds himself in a situation, he will be given to the one born or to the one who is waiting for most of the time.
  • In any case, it is possible to download one app for a birthday account from the “google play” vendor in the Android app, or the app store “app store” in the iOS app.

But if we do not reach the final: Account of the number of bringers. The most useful for the carrier

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