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Pregnant feeding

The doors of the burger prevail over the woman’s food շրջանում advice during the fetal period.

يوصي العديد من أطباء التغذية العلاجية بطريقة غذاء معينة تتبعها المرأة أثناء فترة الحمل تعود بالنفع على صحتها وكذلك صحة طفلها لا سيما وقد أكد أطباء متخصصون أن مناعة الأطفال تتكون أثناء فترة الحمل وحتى عمر عامين ما جعل اهتمام المرأة باتباع نظام غذائي صحي خطوة ضرورية في بناء جسد Children are blessed with և serious preventive development for children with stroke.

And the introduction of “pyramid doors” from the narration of the offspring to the advice that nourishes the woman during pregnancy is also the obligatory behavior of citizens and their children to enjoy their health.

The competition of a woman carrying a natural childbirth

قالت الدكتورة شيري أنيس خبير تغذية وتخسيس إنه يجب على المرأة ممارسة رياضة المشي في فترة ما قبل الولادة خاصة منذ بداية الشهر الثامن لتسهيل الولادة الطبيعية واتباع بعض التمارين مثل رياضة اليوجا والسباحة لفترات قصيرة, لافتة إلى أن هناك بعض الأطعمة الصحية التي يجب اتباعها في آخر 3 شهور For them, the bearer is the one who, for example, does not gain the weight of the child, և then he is forced by the mother in this book, which consists of raw materials, which are formed into a solid product. – to reach the elephants.

Eat the woman who eats the food to add vitamins and minerals

And by correcting the appearance of the fatwa, which is recommended for the vitamins and minerals the body needs, it adds that it is necessary to eat dried fruits, such as “Al-Qarasiya և Zabib և Al-Tamar”, as well as to eat fruits. under the fruits C: “Humility” is like “carrying, drinking”, changing white sugar in the analysis with white honey, which is based on water, drinking natural fruits, which instructs the forehead.

The initiative of a woman carrying an artificial hand from secrets

And the good news is that a pregnant woman needs to eat certain things. The secrets are so great that you should not worry about a pregnant woman. which is in the hands of a craftsman, the latter advises to use preservatives such as “gas water” canned stones.

The name of the woman who bears it next to her

وأوضحت الدكتورة شيري أنيس أن هناك وضعيات نوم تتناسب مع فترة الحمل مثل النوم على الجانب وليس النوم على الظهر, حتى لا يحدث ضيق تنفس مضيفة أن هناك أطعمة يجب على المرأة الحامل تناولها خلال فترة الحمل لتنمية ذكاء الطفل وتتمثل هذه الأطعمة في الأسماك والقشريات بأنواعها والمكسرات والفواكه الطازجة.

Excess weight of a woman carrying a fine of 10 kilograms

What is clear about Dr. Majdi is that he is the head of the Scientific Foundation for Food Nutrition. On the other hand, “gaining more than 3 kg in the first three trimesters is not enough, and in the top three – by 4 kg, and in the last three cities – by 3 kg”.

And when the health of a pregnant woman is supplied to the healthy food system, և marathon while carrying the fruit is eaten at certain stages, as if you are eating a meal, then the obligation must be conditioned by the fact that the raw material comes. 30% of it is needed: “Al-Hum, Al-Dawaan, Al-Asmak, Al-Bayd, Al-Alba with all their types and sayings.”

Women have the need to increase the proportion of hot cells in the body

In addition, it is necessary to increase the proportion of hot flashes in the body from 20% to 30%, and a normal woman is born from 1800 to 2000, who comes to carry the burden to the woman.

The woman who carries the liver eats it with vitamin A և its limit ներով proteins

كما أوضح رئيس المؤسسة العلمية للثقافة الغذائية, أن نسبة احتياج المرأة الحامل لعنصر الحديد تزيد 60% عن المرأة العادية, وإلى عنصر الكالسيوم بنسبة 50% عن الاحتياج اليومي للمرأة العادية, وللحصول على هذه العناصر يجب تناول المرأة الحامل للكبدة لاحتوائها على البروتينات وعنصر الحديد والكثير من Nutrients, as they are a source of individual vitamins or:And then the green dominance of food for those under it can be over minerals and vitamins, and for Albanians it’s with all its eggs, like the raw material under it, supplied by an egg-laying woman.

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