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diseases of pregnancy

The effect of suffocating the heart on natural childbirth

Increase in body volume during pregnancy. “Because the heart must harden to accelerate the expansion of the extra heart, it continues to do so until it accelerates the heartbeat of the middle duodenum.”

Are you choking your heart?

Heart palpitations

It is our habit to suffocate without harming the heart. And with that, in some cases, it is possible for it to appear as long as there is no problem in it or in one of the last places of the body.

الدوخة أو الدوار:
The consciousness of the afterlife
Consciousness is what beats the heart
Ten in a heartbeat
way out
Consciousness detail or perception in the chest
إ س س بال س س س س س س س س:

Causes of heart choking.

Causes of heart choking.
Causes of heart choking.

It is possible that the suffocating heart during pregnancy is suffocated by various factors, but it does not naturally emphasize և at the same time in some cases it causes death after treatment և suffocation.

Other causes besides malnutrition during pregnancy

The heart interacts with large volumes of blood
التوتر والقلق:
Avoid the act of looking for food or drink, especially when you are under enough material
Roud Al-Ala Tajah’s medicine or victory:

Causes of the greatest risk of suffocation of the heart during pregnancy

The problems of al-Jada al-Darkiya
The essence of the heart is one of the last events of life or pregnancy
Pulmonary artery height
Heart disease crown
Q. Natural heart events, state name
Carrier և height anxiety
Adding a number of symptoms to heart problems during a normal pregnancy makes it difficult to tell if you are still having symptoms.

Details of news from your doctor

What do you mean by suffocating the heart?
Do you still suffer from heart disease?
What other health issues do you know from me?
You still have a family history of heart disease.
Carrying out a diagnosis
Examination of the oral cavity to study disorders ուսումնասիր Examination of rectal function
Torture of the heart to measure the vibration of amber in it
Holter device test to guarantee device rejection for long-term heart rate measurement

أعرار تتطلب العناية:

أعرار تتطلب العناية:
أعرار تتطلب العناية:

Hello Demo:
Irregular pulse
Difficulty breathing when not trying
Suffering from breathing
ألم في الصدر:
Heart rate

The quality of endowment suffocates the heart

The quality of endowment suffocates the heart
The quality of endowment suffocates the heart

Cardiac dysfunction does not require treatment, therefore, if the patient is mildly ill, it does not mean that he is healthy, the doctor does not recommend normal treatment, the patient may wait until. End of suffocation during pregnancy. But if the symptoms are severe, the doctor will prescribe medication to regulate the heartbeat. Prevent the danger on the woman և fetus.
If the woman who is taking her beats her heart for not regulating her heartbeat, it is possible that the doctor will use amber tires from the moment the heart returns to its normal state.

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