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diseases of pregnancy

The end of the work of the 2021 season in the city of Al-Vardi .. for the bearers և the fruit

At the end of the city, in 2021, there are 3 new cancer survivors in the “special video”. The head of the surgeon’s patient’s ward, Fadi Nahlavi, where he was treated, said that he had no means. healing.

Dr. Fadi Nahlavi

Who gets breast cancer?

If the hormonal changes are attributed not to breast cancer but to too much glandular tissue, the cancer will be found when it is difficult to carry, as it means that there is one unit in all 3 animals, but we do not have it. any; If he has a fetish, he is a fetish, he wants to appear after the age of despair.
Definition of Al-Mazid. The effect of breast cancer on pregnancy
Carrier treatment for breast cancer

Carrier treatment for breast cancer

During pregnancy, they imitate the radial image of the chest, mammography, bowing with scars or eyes, removal of humiliation, and the magnetic field is formed by the forearm. Baida about radiation treatment. As for chemical treatments, it is forbidden for the carrier, it can be given before the third of pregnancy, with the carrier adjusting for the patients, but for the price offered by the carrier, or the newborn. the left, which is empty.
Surgery is not forbidden, it can be trusted at all stages, but if we study the cancer at the beginning of pregnancy, it is possible that there is a complete stickiness on the forehead, if the forearm is the forearm, which is Al. Nahlavi. “Therefore, you do not go for surgery until the end of the pregnancy, after the birth, because it is possible to give the mother radiation treatment.”

Salvation of the fetus

What is the origin of the salvation of the fetus?

The proportion of the fetus is very large, with the possibility of pregnancy or childbirth in small containers. یتابع د. Նահլավին.
Al-Mazid’s definition. Food to be given to the patient

Do you have special support for cancer patients?

Do you still support cancer patients?

Do you think many of the misfortunes are right? On the other hand, if you have any imaginary thoughts on this topic, then cancer nutrition eats away at the secrets սովորական like the usual emptiness in the hearts. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the number of side effects, and it is recommended to take a diet plan to cover all the food, carbohydrates, carbohydrates, stomachs, minerals and vitamins. “Cancer is fed by intoxication, but it is nourished by healthy emptiness.”

The best support for treating or even preventing breast cancer.

1 – Citizens of Brutin’s highest defense.
2 – The mind is made up of sugars և carbohydrates ելը eating them is not enough.
3- Propagation of vegetables and fruits to prevent forbidden and empty emptiness.
4 – Get enough questions.
5 – Followers of means of purity in purity, following the tips of understanding, visiting the ways of deep speech. Some essential materials were created for them, there was no activity of food.

Cancer treatment is a hadith

Cancer treatment along the way

1 – The intellect is attached to the “first”, which is given after chemical treatment; Imitate the risk of recurrence of hereditary cancer or get rid of it on a large scale.
2 – The Kingdom of the Bicycle և aims to eradicate disasters with three-year-old three-dimensional cancer that has no effect on imitation chemical treatment. The lesson that the masses of the Brist Cancer Ship are British in referring to the release of these drugs is close to the one that precedes Kufid’s trial.
3. A patient who has undergone a change at a Christian facility to seek the services of a British Patriotic Medical Service with the characteristics of an anti-inflammatory compound will have an accelerated response to the drug.
4 – Explain to a number of scientists at All-London University College London that treatment does not require a single dose of radiation therapy, it is aimed at removing bad worms, and if you have any pain. It is cancer.

أحدث أجهزة الكشف عن السرطان:

Here is a wide range of inherited genes in patients

1- The discovery of the new lesson is that the system is wide open for craftsmen to be able to read the results of the image of the third with a breast glaze, that it is better than many, than a human. , in the curve in the curve.
2 – Genital mutilation to detect heredity of breast cancer. In the past, if you were a single genie, you might have discovered the name BRCA, but now you have a wide variety of genes that have been studied և related to the third breast.
3. Gene testing for hormonal cancer in the first stages, chemotherapy to treat patients if it is negative, for example, on the Oncotype gene test or Endopredict analysis.
4 – If you do not know liquid biology, և it is equipped to cut an empty cancer carcass in the body, և body height և height ratio of the presence of cancer from its absence to its absence. murderer.


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