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diseases of pregnancy

The multiple reasons for the names in the city are the expansion of the pregnancy

The city is considered to be enlarged, վերջին the last bearer of most cities is difficult, և it captures the bearer from the physical և physical space. Taking into account the development of pregnancy, the period of childbirth, in addition to the increase in the volume of the uterus, the development of the fetus.

The reason for the multiplicity of carrier names in the developing city

The progress of jihad բազմաթիվ brings with it many names in each extension
  • Reduction of Hadid deposit ratio in carrier body. Because the fruit begins to participate in the collection of its food and tissue needs, the beginning of the first city begins with the return of the lineage of the breathing border. What is the basis of the jihad of “intense” jihad for many people?
  • The distribution of some means of operation of the head equipment in the carrier body in the city is expanded by the carrier. Heart և hearts և this is due to the fact that this equipment is a double duty in the last city of pregnancy to deliver tissues and food to the fetus.
  • If the overnight increase is added to the carrier, the city expands from the carrier to instead withstand the nighttime anxieties that are common in this city, And this refers to the great campaign of jihad, the growth and size of the fetus, the continuous mutilation of all the parts of the body. What is the reason for that?

The impact of the number of births in the country

The number of hours is affected by the number of applications
  • The number of hours a woman wears must be updated from 8 to 9 hours “no more, no less”. Because the number of numbered hours is “at least 6 hours”.Call hours are “more than 10 hours”, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy; Carrier attack Being under the influence of stress during anxiety, when one-third of a third is pregnant, և some other high-risk problems, such as heart և eye problems
  • When she was hired, she learned a good lesson on behalf of the carrier; և she came to her for at least 6 hours from the first third of pregnancy; We did not include 29 hours of syntax in the app before we were born
  • أمّا النساء اللواتي حصلن على 8 ساعت من النوم خلام الثلث الأول; If you enter the application for only 17 hours, this is a possible result of finding a strong link between the carrier’s hours and the applicant’s number.Discover California from the California community as women arriving in the middle of 4 to 5 hours, most of which are recommended for Caesarean children.

Quality of interaction with intensive people

In a developing city, drinking enough water is enough
  • Gold to the doctor և the development of the number of hours he has in the carrier; Research ելը Knowledge is the cause of consciousness վախ fear և with people
  • Drinking enough water; For the convenience of absorbing a sufficient amount of borderline element in the stomach

Practice of special exercises

  • And you do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo
  • Enjoy the leadership և the name of peace in the city that extends from bearing. It is better to sleep until night, for a certain hour, to develop the body in movement with it one day, to praise the vitality of the body on the last day.
  • The carrier, the number of sleeps in the city that extends beyond the carrier is naturally considered valid և is not recommended to be dangerous to the carrier or the fetus.
  • The number of hours of sleep varies depending on the nature of the whole body, as it is better to take a bath with wind water before taking a bath.

The corresponding position of the carrier և fruit

On the one hand, the name of the bearer is the best position of the soul
  • In the last part of the pregnancy, the correction of the bearer is exchanged with the names of one of the parties from the names of the day, during the season of “eating between the rivals” by eating the widow’s belly. As it helps to relieve the real pressure on the pupil կան pool muscles, but sleeping on the surface increases the real pressure on one of the head muscles. The substance that can affect the blood supply to the fetus և cause headaches, for which the best news is the other carrier. Praising the action of the eternal cycle in terms of tolerating this situation It facilitates the practical transfer of national blood from the heart to the lungs, and reduces the real pressure on the liver.
  • It is easy to “carry” the wearer or the lazy or the small one to lift the body in the part that is not safe during sleep.
  • The name is next to the aisle, և plain և it’s easy to walk with you, so you can reach out to the exorcist so he or she can turn away from the tight-fitting clothes at night or at night. .
  • The name of the place that helps you, in some animals, you are the one who is most comfortable with you from the brush
  • The temptation to eat heavy and national food at the dinner table
  • Light exercises after the doctor advises to best expand the body in the name, and then as soon as the nominal pavilion enters the electronic equipment.

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