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Pregnant feeding

The needs of a carrier woman in Samen

احتياجات المرأة الحامل في الشهر الثامن عديدة, فهناك بعض التغييرات النفسية والصحية يجب معرفتها, فمن الطبيعي أن تشعر الحامل بمجموعة من المشاعر المختلطة خلال هذه الفترة سواء التحمس لرؤية الطفل أو الشعور بالارتباك من فكرة أنها ستصبح أما قريبا, وربما تعتاد المرأة الحامل على بعض الأوجاع والآلام , كليك أبرزها وحلولاً للتغلب عليها وفقاً لموقع webmd.

1-Respiratory failure

Respiratory failure

Each volume of compassion begins with the pressure of heavy breathing on the stomach և lungs, it is possible that the endurance and forearm reach with some relief in a direct carrier in the third city.
Definition of Al-Mazid. Causes of deformity of children’s forearms

2- Addition of tabulation

When a child moves for unhappiness, he is overwhelmed by your instincts, so it is possible to make frequent visits to the bathroom, it is possible to reduce the number of questions that cause him to urinate at bedtime.

3- Multiple signs of elongation

Many signs of enlargement

If you continue to have a large body, you should take into account the appearance of signs of elongation, because the regular use of evils և honor can give you the opportunity to overcome them և arrange your humanity.

4- Consciousness with wisdom and patience with the government

You may experience some life-threatening problems through the town of Tamen, before the condensation of the forehead, which is the cause of wisdom, and the appearance of the second horse in the form of legs. , you can experience different types

5- صعوبة النوم:

Carrier Name:

All you have to do is put your hand on the path of the blessed from the forearm for the new ones, as long as the forearm and forearm are longer than the rest of the night.

Definition of Al-Mazid. Is it possible that the cause of your actions is difficult to bear?

6- Healthy nutrition

Healthy nutrition

Citizens of the health food system أمر حيوي أثناء الحمل. It is possible that health food increases the demand of the extracorporeal body, facilitates the embryo for the fetus. During pregnancy, they are supplied with more than vitamins և duodenum և, this includes follicle և ulcer disorder ները vitamins B12, A, D 6.

7 – Altar

It increases the distance associated with the baby,: he may be deceived by judging your mercy for some time or by meditating before birth. It is necessary to theoretically change relaxation and relaxation; If you are accustomed to the intense pursuit of this stage of pregnancy, you will judge at some point in time և your reasoning will be strong according to the adults of the last city.

8- Continuous afternoon pain

The pain of the body and the manifestation of continuity

Excess weight, please, makes your abdomen heavier, tightens your forehead, it may be due to forehead pain. It is possible for the world to relax by sitting upright, and for the waqf or sitting to be moved for a long time, if it is not comfortable for the outside, ողը the wearer can also do exercises. appearance


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