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diseases of pregnancy

The needs of a woman transporter in the city of Sades

In the city, the saddle of pregnancy carries the fetus in such a way that it accelerates the body և equips the animal, and the volume of the pregnant abdomen increases significantly after one day. The redness of transparency – the blood that is under you, the effect is obvious, it is closed, the embryo is able to respond to the mother’s voice or movement. Physical needs այլ Other mental needs are limited to Dr. Abdul Hamid Al-Sabili, who specializes in diseases of women and children.

Healthy և open food

Conflict of the carrier in the city of Sads:
  • The city of Sades is the carrier for all breeds, so it is essential for them to know the proper nutritional proportions of the fruit in this city.
  • Greed for action և Health և Nutrition responsibilities are the length of this book ումը Limit the items that should be included in the food of the city of Sades.
  • In this city, Hamd al-Fulik touches the building of the new emptiness, which is to be placed in the mouth of the fetus, as in perfect love and youth, like the storm, the Syrian lips.

Nutritional needs of carriers

If the fruit weighs a lot, it should reach the safe, and the one who is free to take the raw material from it. Build the fruit from emptiness ձեռք get the fruit from the weight.

Al-Nashwiyat. It is a possible source of secrets and inclinations of the fetal body, but it is necessary to choose the right Nashwiyat, such as the exact example ս love of perfection և desires of children.

Supply of Vitamin C in the city of Sades

Al-Khadrawat is the most important material for the reproduction of a carrier with the appropriate fibers
  • The carrier has a short time in this city, և he has repeated it many times with the carrier, so it must be supplemented with … “C” vitamins in this city, which reaches the emptiness of emptiness, և the use of health after that.
  • Requirements for “C” vitamins contained in some foods. كالليمون والبرتقال والفراولة واليوسفي, مع تطور شهور الحمل تكون الحامل عرضة للإمساك والبواسير, لذلك يجب أن تكون الألياف من مكونات الغذاء الأساسية في هذا الشهر والخضروات هي العنصر المهم لتزويد الحامل بالألياف المناسبة التي تساعد على إتمام عملية الهضم وراحة الأمعاء, وبالتالي تقلل الإصابة بالإمساك أو البواسير خلال الحمل.
  • The most important questions in this book are from pregnancy, in which it reaches the nutrition of the fetus, does not prevent you from having difficult times.
  • Al-Fawaka is the main source of various vitamins, minerals, minerals, it is forbidden to eat them a second time during different duties. Even if you do not gain much weight, the sanctity of the health of a few words will not hinder you; لتكون جاهزة دوماً.

Food plan for the needs of the carrier in Saddam

Al-Fawakah Al-Mujfifah under calcium և magnesium
  • Increases the need for the carrier to wear warm clothing և Adapts by consuming an additional 300 hot batteries for the needs of the addict.
  • Your share of raw materials, your share or most of perfect love, seven or more fruits և vegetables, four-quarters or more of Albanian produce.
  • Eat halib al-halib from the lower half, as you are missing out on the essential calcium, magnesium, and vitamins that may be present during pregnancy.
  • The seeds of the rotation of the sun;
  • Al-Fawakah Al-Mujfifah Kaltin and Al-Mashmash and Al-Tamar Al-Muhtawiyyah Al-Kalsium and Al-Hadid. وفيتامين د.

Cases և Chapters

Al-Fasuliya Al-Khazra lengthens the carrier body to the limit
  • Because the body of the woman carrying the incoming border enters the empty space of the umbilical cord, fibers, magnetism, which is possible for the large body, the body, which extends to deliver food to the arch.
  • Vegetables in their own way, with a special content: magnetic, calcium, cantaloupe, beans, vegetables, oatmeal, almonds, carrots.
  • Al-Sardin al-Mu’alib, because he rejects the great lines that can be achieved for the whole, but does not allow a woman who carries the element of calcium, to freely weigh 3 psychic-magnetic.
  • Shop chocolate because of its botanical և magnesium content և limit և some calcium.
  • Arz va Fiter, with its magnetism, fiber, calcium և Vitamin D in terms of elongation of the body, the body is less than the hand; Lung with calcium.

أطعمة لا متاج الحمل لتناولها:

The custodian bears the carrier for the first և other unhealthy responsibilities
  • All you have to do is eat the food that is right for you և the fetus and then eat other foods that are harmful to the fetus, such as shrimp.
  • Lent is the essence of the subconscious mind, in which swearing is the main reason for the attack thanks to wearing it.
  • Sulsa al-Suwiya, the main source of estrogen, is one of the hormones that affects fetal development.
  • Abstain from alcohol, except seriously cleaned; The heart is the intention, or the egg is the heart, the heart is warm, you have stomachs, you are one of them in the middle of pregnancy, և all the heat increases that stomach and consciousness with the knowledge of digestion.
  • Wisdom and consciousness should make unhealthy items in the middle of pregnancy, but unhealthy foods are exchanged for different types of healthy foods as long as it is not possible to harm you or your fetus.

The Impact of Hormone Abundance on Carrier Needs in Sades

خاصة هرمون (الأستروجين والبروجسترون) التي تخرج من المبيض والمشيمة, وهي المسؤولة عن الأعراض المصاحبة للحمل التي منها انقطاع الدورة الشهرية والدوخة والغثيان والصداع كذلك الذي يصاحبه ألم أسفل البطن والظهر, والرغبة في النوم والتعب من أقل مجهود والاحتياج إلى التبول بكثرة, مع ضيق التنفس وكبر The volume of the third ներն the owners of the pain and weight of the third and the loss of the thing.

In addition, some people do not want to drink, and others want to be pregnant.

The need of a bearer for the enemy of the soul .. in the city of Sades

  • The harmonious և bodily changes that the bearer undergoes in this city greatly affect their souls.
  • Therefore, he is the source of the environment ուկ the peculiarity of the couple.
  • We are not afraid of self-confidence, which we know from now on, gaining too much weight, talking about strong fruits, rapid hormonal changes.
  • The urge to touch the mattress is more difficult than what it takes the wearer in this city, such as the exercises of the mattress and the practice of pleasing the soul and body.

The book of the bearer in the city of Sades

Crying for no apparent reason
  • In terms of carrying a baby on the date of birth, what is the beginning of responsibility after the fetus landing, change of structure after weight gain, the interests of the couple, how is that?
  • There are many symptoms: grief, unexplained grief, addiction, pregnancy, childbirth, sleep disturbances, constipation, and night sweats.
  • In addition to the majority of compensation և reasons of production և speed, suspicion խ incentive to take on the spouses of others.
  • Weight և weight loss բաց lack of awareness of rights or deeds, vitality, social cohesion կտր isolation from the environment.

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