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diseases of pregnancy

The problems of childbirth in the city, which arise from wearing a definition on them

Problems with the baby in the city, the expansion of the pregnancy can lead to the desire to facilitate and accelerate the birth of the uterus, and over time the relaxation itself to the tension, strengthening and relaxation of the uterine muscles. nerves. A natural child is born from the knowledge that he carries all the bearers, և the list is difficult to study. In the third trimester of pregnancy, to maintain healthy habits, which is done to facilitate childbirth, to eliminate the requirements, որեն in fact, the parents.

1. Taulul التمر:

Childbirth problems

A new study published in the Journal of Women’s Diseases, found that rag women ate the day before pregnancy, at least to give birth to something different from the baby. And that’s why the train contains oxytocin, which causes contractions of mercy և facilitates birth և speeds them up.

Definition for the majority. Treatment of child poverty

2. The result is greater than the number

The look of the study published in the American Parliament on the diseases of women and children. Latin women are those who are at least an hour away from the last city of pregnancy to take the hours of a natural child’s surgery to humiliate disabled surgeries by comparing women to those who are the best.

3. Strengthen the leg


Tell the specific exercises before the baby, the important thing is that the exercises are one of the most important exercises that facilitate the birth of a child.

What is the matter with you that you have the ability to regulate your breathing during childbirth and war, to get rid of what you know when you use it?

4. Change

Tenderness of uterine muscles

Regular expression prolongs a woman to the breath, and the muscles of the esophagus become stronger and suffocate in search, because the expression or pressure is strong on the forearm, the forearm, which is formed by the artist’s eye. his ear, whose forehead was born.

Childbirth problems in a developing city

With the help of the previous tips for expanding food collection to facilitate the birth of a child.

1. Pineapple


Pineapple contains juice called bromine on the skin, which helps to capture the uterus and develop the ability to produce muscles.

2. البابايا الخضراء:

The fathers of greens are rich in gasoline, and the one who bends at the beginning of the contractions և cleans the application.

3. Hot food

It is common knowledge that carriers may eat hot food to reach the applicant, but report that the carrier is hungry to eat hot food if he or she wants to give birth naturally. This is because some hot foods are different from gallbladder material, which is a natural endorphin that is absorbed by the body.

4. Third

It protects the third intestine և extends it to the ventricles, but it expands at the beginning of use; It is one of the most desirable branches of the branch to seek refuge and facilitate the attainment of mercy.

Tabay Al-Mazid. 5 signs of feeding a pregnant woman.

6. Olive grove:

زيت الخطور:

Extraction of plant love extract from food that is in demand is considered fast. Women’s olive oil collection; للاحث على المخاض لعدة قرون. Although the amortization of amulets is not exhausted, except that in rare cases it is possible to keep the relief, but there was a mistake of eliminating both.

Note from “Sidati Net”. You should consult a specific doctor before using this feature or this treatment.

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