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stages of pregnancy

The quality of the account is a burden on the mother

It is enough to count the pregnancy in the mother, when the mother gets pregnant, because she is waiting for the birth of a child from the youngest age, in order to see the child in particular, and she, from puzzling actions, to her limit. ամեն ամեն ամեն և և և և ամեն և ամեն ամեն ամեն ամեն ամեն ամեն ամեն ամեն ամեն և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և և

The quality of the accounting weight

While carrying the burden on the mother, you have some questions that the mother should be aware of.

  • What is the number of heavy carriers?
  • And the end of the city district.
  • And the way to get the heavy transporters to the city.

What is the specific number of carriers with a large number of carriers in the mother?

It is known that a four-year-old mother gives birth naturally, and some animals have at least as many children in the “fourth quarter” of the tenth day of the city.

How to deliver the goods to the city during pregnancy

تختلف طريقة حساب الحمل بالأسابيع عن الأشهر حيث أن فترة الحمل قد تصل إلى أربعين أسبوع قابل للزيادة أو النقصان بمقدار أسبوعين, ولكن عند حساب فترة الحمل بالشهور فإن الطريقة تختلف, حيث أن من الممكن أن تكون فترة الحمل أكثر من أربع أسابيع ويتم تقسيم الحمل إلى ثلاث Different stages of transformation

The first stage of pregnancy

  • And the first three are known, from the beginning of the first to the tenth.
  • This is the second stage of pregnancy
  • From the beginning of the third, the second branch from the fourth branch to the last to the end of the seventh and seventh branches.
  • The third stage is pregnancy
  • And the last three months of pregnancy և the state became the source of 27 before birth.

How to calculate the transportation fee in detail

  • It is possible for him to take into account all four wheels of the full carrier, but it is necessary for him to leave the first corpse with his mother after the first day of the last district of the city, for example.
  • From the first day of the last district of the city to the expected date of birth, the score from the first to the twelfth of the best is calculated, because he who knows the time of fertilization of the egg. is not aware of the easy task.
  • Therefore, the mother may be aware that if she has a special beard, she can not breastfeed one tenth of her breast.


Therefore, it is possible to apply them by knowing the details that are specific to the embryo from the beginning of fertilization to the expected date of birth.

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