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stages of pregnancy

The reasons for the appearance of both legs are during pregnancy

The wearer is exposed to most of the healthy influences during the wearing process, the “difference” between what is transferred from one wearer to another. The meaning of Dr. Khatem Al-Awadhi

Medical facts

Al-Wadi Al-Wadiya is one of the carriers of the disease
  • The state has the task of correcting the validity of the result as a result of the negligence of the existing intimacy, Source: Inflation առաջ the emergence of inflation
  • Walidiyya al-Wareediyyah is a disease that affects more than half of carriers and manifests itself in the form of abnormal egg elongation or thickening closer to the surface of the skin than during pregnancy.
  • And the manifestation of this delusion is manifested in sweat or in the youth at the feet of the wicked, the ancients.
  • ودوالي الساقين لا یکل أ مزيدر على الحسدي الجسدية لحممةلة, ألن أنها كد تكون مؤلمة ، وصاهبها حكة وأخرار و حرقة في الجلد.
  • And it is possible that the body is affected by different conditions, but the share of joints in the legs is greater, the legs are separated from the published diseases, and the area of ​​about 1% of the wall և carrier is special. .
Here are some of them
  • The first type is a state larger than one nation with reactions in the superficial parts of the head.
  • And this type of treatment is given to many of the doubles, such as forehead invasions, forearm և wisdom, taking the skin to the feet of children at that time.
  • The second type is poetic poems, which do not cause pain or double ambiguity, but do not show the expression of the foot.

There are two reasons for the appearance of both feet

Excess weight of the carrier causes it to swell on the load և Swelling of the legs
  • Excess weight, especially in the stages of pregnancy, with priority մամբ by increasing the volume of the fetus, which causes discomfort to the uterus և causes it to swell.
  • Before pregnancy ության In the presence of the fetus, excess weight, which causes heaviness on the uterus, is added to the endowment for a long time.
  • Increase in life; Because the age of the wearer is the reason for the weakness of the living eye wall. Due to the presence of dirt in the broth
  • Because the cause of pregnancy says that the blood separates from the pool to the legs, which causes the appearance of both
  • In addition to reviewing a pregnant woman’s body with a number of physiological changes, one of them is at greater risk of hitting her feet, e.g.

1. Excess blood volume

As the amount of blood on the conjunctival arteries increases, it comes from the drug in the fetus, which is proportional to the nutrition of the baby in it.

2. Increased pressure in the abdomen և pool area

As the baby grows, so does the pressure on the main vein in the pool area, which carries blood to the heart from the forearms to the feet.

3. Harmony changes during pregnancy

Especially the height level of Al-Broujstarun hormone, which has been playing for a long time in weakening the wall of the Orthodox mound.

4. Decreased physical vitality և overweight

The peak of the carrier շարժ viability is the cause of both legs

Common egg movement and vitality of a woman և Different causes during pregnancy.

ولا ننسی التاريخ العائلی .. دوالی الساقين لها أسباب وراثية; It’s as if the torment of a relative’s word or a pregnant woman’s body during pregnancy is more to you than the possibility of a carrier attacking you.

Tajnbi Al-Waqf is the longest time for the two of you to hold your breath
  • Giving strength for a long time without moving, և meeting as much as possible, և going down to rest as much as possible.
  • Consumption or number on the one hand և without appearance, to reduce the effect of weight on the legs
  • The change of body position during the session is continuous, it is better to take one step above the other for a long time.
  • Subjectivity to return to a healthy, balanced food system during pregnancy. Do not move too much weight պատճառով do not hit the ball because of this excess
  • Ignore the superstition of the essence of the supreme cube, because it does not cause inflammation of the muscles, does not regulate the flow of heat in the body.
  • Healthy food made of Vitamin E; If it does not affect the treatment of the state, then these vitamins are in the diet, such as food, seeds, nuts, kiwi fruit.
  • Underwear apostasy is distorted; before apostasy becomes mandatory, a piece of concern needs to be put on the government to spend on the suffering.
  • Arbitrary narrowing of the joints. It is possible to enter the length of the meal by removing it at night
  • Afternoon sleep և Raise your legs to half an hour to protect your health during pregnancy
  • Eating healthy food և healthy daily habits; From math և deep healthy sleep, which carries many problems that could be caused by the wearer.

Treatment methods:

During the Great Resurrection, the situation changes after birth

After the resurrection of the living, two children are born, but when the work is immersed, some women reach the same proportion.

1. Implementation of finances

Al-Haddah is world-renowned for its non-surgical treatment of both legs և it is close to laser, but the treatment is done in parts, and the second stage is covered with a specialized material for a beach device.

If two children stay long after giving birth, և pregnancy և causes many of them to suffer during childbirth, it is recommended to treat them before thinking about further pregnancy.

2. Laser re-treatment of feet

The laser is the radius of dirt on the upper extremity.

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