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stages of pregnancy

The stages of human life: Islam is online

There is no doubt that man goes through different stages of his life from birth to death. And do not think that the stages of human life are characterized by certain features of obedience ակցության communication և sequence, despite the amount of change that takes place at each stage և visible from influences և from changes տես visible և invisible.

For God Almighty is in the Book of Wise Men.

Human cocaine lives in a special period of life, according to its stages, which differs from the period of life in its form and content, especially in other worlds. After the creation of man, after entering the stage of semen in mercy, the stage of attachment to the cheek, the stage of size and muscles, and finally the stage of the child, the stage of complete childbirth. և birth. The Almighty says. Քում In the human eye, creation is created from water, it comes out of the cross և way} (Al-Tariq – 5 7). He said. {Thus We created you from a seed, then from a seed, then from a root, then from a created ‘uncreated cheek’ (Al-Hajj: 5). He said. “We made our cheeks great” (Believers: 14). {ثم نكسوها لطماً} (Al-Baqara: 259):

What are the stages of a person living a life? What are the features of the whole stage և features?

After the creation of God, the Most High says, “Adam” (PBUH) is from the homeland. Then the creation of “Eve”‘s wife, “Adam” is not for them, but for them is the generation of mankind through marriage. The descent of men from the children of Adam into the firstborn, from the way of bearing and from the children, in stages և in stages, to the greatness of God Almighty, who created man and other creatures.

Fetal stage

The stages of human life are transformed by the fertilization of a special egg, and the condition is formed in the uterus before the embryo is fertilized. The memory of Almighty God says that this stage is detailed, detailed, Almighty says: {If I knew from you when you were born from the earth և if you were a woman in your womb} (Star -32), then: And so it is, և it is said in a large number of verses of the Qur’an in Surah Al-Mu’min:

And in the Sunnah the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “If one of you is a creature in his womb, he is forty-one years old. Books: food, urgency, action, love or happiness. .

Birth ության satisfaction phase

She is the stage that turns into a lonely birth of a child, և she leaves the world outside the mercy of her mother, because there is no separation from her, because she is one under her control. لكونه لا يستطيع تعل أي شيء لنفسه قط. The end of the thirst phase until the end of a person’s second life together, a confidence in which the thirst for food is in the mother.

Children և children stage

The “baby” phase is the “baby” phase, the product is called “baby” or “baby” from birth to adulthood. And this stage is not obligatory on man, as the Apostle of God said, peace և blessing upon him.

And from the responsibilities of the parents և guardians փնտր to seek և to discipline the child if the act contradicts the law ին the behavior, ադառնալ return to obedience և responsibilities և leave the rules. Therefore, this stage is confirmed by the stage of formation ությամբ under the influence of the plant, in the person of the child, in all matters ությամբ in peace, which is the first-class problem of children, with the best justification, education. և training.

And who divides this stage in a person’s life up to three stages, hey!

Infidel child:

Walk from the age of your Sunnah to the whole of the years, start from the person in the body, learn, trust in yourself, learn the word and the word, everything in a natural way, like a non-human.

Children ին Average ة:

It lasts from seven to nine years old, the validity of this stage is the beginning of joining the school. This is the beginning of a person, he begins to read the book, he learns the other words, because he simply, gradually turns the stage of self-confidence.

Late children

To become from the age of seven, to continue to be a person until the second. As a person, in the image of the greatest, change his body և strengthen his body size and muscles և begin to fully trust them. Man starts from late childhood, thinking in a healthy way, this way is aimed at solving his problems, the big consequences of mistakes, which can be ignored.

The stage of success ման prosperity

هي المرحلة التي تضم الفئة العمرية من الثانية عشر إلى العشرين سنة, وهي من أصعب المراحل التي يمر بها الإنسان من الجنسين الذكر والأنثى بسبب تقلبات المزاج, وتغير الهرمونات للوصول إلى النضج النفسي والجسمي والاجتماعي والعقلي, فمن المهم الانتباه إلى تصرفات المراهق من قبل الأهل ومتابعته بشكل accurate.

وتتصل هذه المرحلة مباشرة بمرحلة الشباب, اليت تتترواح الأعمار فيها بين الواحد والعشرين إلى الثلاثين, وهي المرحلة التي تزيد بها طاقة الجسم, ويصل بها الإنسان إلى أكبر قوته وحيويته ونشاطه, وتبدأ خلال هذه المرحلة تكون الشخصية والنضج العقلي الكامل, واكتساب الكثير من المعرفة والعمل بكل շաղֆ.

The stage of growth և “intensity”.

This stage of life lasts from the third to the fifth, fourth year, has the last stages of development, այս at this stage of the body hormones it is confirmed that it tends to enter the stage of sheikh.

And when he mentions this stage in the positions of the great Qur’an, from where he said that it is said in Surah Al-Ahqaf, by a man born at his birth: “You are a Tibetan from your generation, you are a Muslim,” said the Almighty.

And the “most difficult” in the language.

  1. Perception ությունը maturity in the words of the Almighty in the story of “Yusuf” (peace be upon him).
  2. الستواء, وهو.
  3. The Almighty says in Surah Al-Ahqaf: Եթե ​​Even if he reaches the age of forty նի reaches the age of forty}, then the maturity of the most intense ավարտ when everything is sent by Almighty God, Muhammad, peace և blessings:. God be with him,

And the summary of the saying is that the stage is “strict”, the stage of maturity և intellect և good mastery, which is the stage of “night”.

The stage of the Sheikh և death

Sheikh is the last stage of human life, Scholars differ in their limitations, weakness and ignorance, as described by Almighty God, they say:

And death against him is the end of all souls, the end of all stages of human life, as the Almighty has said, all souls taste death (Al-Imran-185).

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