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diseases of pregnancy

The womb of a migrant և love for a pregnant woman

Our Lord, do you hear him, but what is the admonition of the sick womb or the application of the mercy of the merciful?

The womb of mercy is the membrane attached to the wall of inner mercy, the one that gets rid of the whole city during the urban period. As for the disease of the migrating uterus, it is an expression of the condition of the membrane-like tissue outside the uterus, և the body is removed from it, և if it causes an object. , it is forgiven because there is no hole in it. And it is possible that he will be attached to another part than the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful ալ Falun. If it hurts one of its members or burns incense or causes it, because this text is similar to the mercy of mercy, it is possible that it will carry the burden or the survival of a woman will hit a pregnant woman. It affects the health, as if it has been greatly reduced from the moment a woman wears it. “Said’s news will reach you to arouse the interest of the migrant’s mercy.

In the womb of an interested immigrant

Symptoms of compassionate emigration uterus are better, what is the difference between them?

If the pregnancy is terminated for some time, the menstrual cycle is shortened. on the plane of our breasts. If he believes that it is a pity, he will take it և he will take it from the womb of mercy, և he will use prostitution a lot of the time, կստ he will create a prostitute from a prostitute in order to treat the plagues according to mercy. mercy of the womb. And with that, there is no renewal of the crowd of praise, and during pregnancy their reproduction is bad. This is due to the fact that in the case of uterine enlargement, the development of the fetus is not possible, it is possible to love and lengthen the tissue in other places. The woman recites the poem with mercy,, it is possible that there is too much estrogen in the breast before she is fed with the womb of mercy. But on the other hand, the experience of all issues is different, depending on the severity of the hormone production ratio. Even if you have symptoms during pregnancy, you will be reunited after your baby is born. And natural pleasure is delayed, but as soon as the return is far from your city, it is preferable to return these symptoms.

The dangers and disadvantages of carrying a companion at the mercy of an immigrant

The cause of compassion is the emigration of inflammation during pregnancy

قد يزيد الانتباذ البطاني الرحمي من خطر الإصابة بمضاعفات الحمل والولادة, حيث يسبب الالتهابات للجسم, والضرر لهيكلة الرحم, إضافة لبعض التأثيرات الهرمونية, وهذا كله يسبب الإجهاض, فحسب ما يجزم الأطباء استنادا إلى الدراسات, أن النساء اللواتي يعانين من بطانة الرحم المهاجرة, معرضات بنسبة 35.8% overdue – 22% for those who do not notice this concern. If you need more than one argument, if you do not pity the immigrant, it is a big risk of dispute.

Signs of a merciful migrant uterus

The pain of appearing from the womb of a merciful migrant

It is not possible for you to act as if you were the one who prevented the onset of ijja, but from someone who knew the signs until he was asked to see a doctor to recover with the right egg.

  • Nazif
  • Concussions
  • Pain in the lower back
  • Consider the origin of some deep tissues.
  • After 12 years, the symptoms are predominant in the breath, but the half և tension և decrease in moist tissue is the maximum.

He was born earlier than expected

And according to the analysis of the lessons, if pregnant women carry the blows with the mercy of emigration, then most of the gifts of pregnant women are to children under 37 years of pregnancy. As the weight of the children is hidden, մեծ most of the gifts are for health և well-being և include mandatory symptoms.

Regular contractionsYou can take the contractions around the middle of your body or not.

Change of expressionsIt has the potential to be the essence or essence of the adjective.

ضغط في هوضك:: وهذا يؤدى بدوره إلي الضغط على التفل ديجب:

Al-Mashimah Al-Manzahah:

The piece carries the fruit, which carries the fruit through the throat, which absorbs the tissues from the cloth և food. And the good connection with the majority with the walls of mercy is further from the neck of mercy. But in some cases, if you do, O Al-Mushima, it is closer to winning alms, know that this is the name of Al-Mushima Al-Mizahi, when the danger of a great event increases. defect,

And we do not increase the risk of this division when it strikes at the’s merciful disease of a life-threatening degree,

The cure for the mercy of a refugee

Eat food under fiber

It is not completely corrected by surgery և hormonal treatment և these are common treatments for both, but some of them can do:

1- Take knowledge painkillers, which do not require a description of nature, in which mourning is done for the mercy of the migrant, but return to the doctor before eating or taking medicine to know that he is insured. it.

2 – Take a bath.

3. Eat high-fiber foods to help reduce the risk of muscle spasms.

4 – Marcel Riyad Al-Mashi Barfak or Marcel Elijah before birth to alleviate the obvious pain associated with an immigrant’s mercy horse.


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