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Pregnant feeding

Then’s right-hand man’s answer to .. How can he be saved from third cancer?

The acquisition of al-Fanni’s semantic art is the impetus for the Jojal world debate following the announcement of Akhtah և Ahmad al-Fishawi’s sons.

However, it has increased recently in women with breast cancer, especially those between the ages of 35 and 70, generally due to bad habits in daily life.

And the “instruction” was given to Dr. Ahmad Hassan Al-Waraki, advising the wounds from the severity of the stroke to the quality of the reduction of the third breast. تتعدى الـ5%.

Therefore, the “instruction” is given in the report of the follower, it is recommended to hit the patient on the third breast, according to the special instructions of the doctor, Ahmad Al-Varak, advising to operate on the wounds. the body.

– Protection against healthy weight.
It is necessary to maintain the weight of the body և the patient’s health լինել to be exemplary in the nutrition of the patient with a specialist doctor as long as the woman suffers from insufficient blood pressure,

– Mathematics competition.
One of the mistakes is to get rid of cancer with cancer or other diseases.

– Natural satisfaction.
The game of breastfeeding is very active և is excellent in the prevention of breast cancer, so for natural satisfaction it is necessary to increase the level of prevention.

– Not taking replacement hormone.
There is a link between breast cancer equations and the use of hormone replacement therapy for women after the age of despair, so it is always advisable to use non-hormonal medications to treat the symptoms of termination of the urban area with age. of despair.

– Eat healthy food.
It is important to eat the right food, as it reduces the risk of contracting a third breast.

– Measures to prevent harmonious wearing.
When a woman is hired for reasons that prevent her from carrying the hormone, hiring her with different horses eliminates the risk of different degrees of third breast stroke.

– Teenagers smoking.
Smoking in a glass or other glass causes cancer in the body, except for the third cancer, or cancer of the digestive tract or digestive system, which reduces the effect of treatment of various heart diseases. .

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