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Pregnant feeding

There are seven pregnancies in the city

Are there any differences: Taking the seventh child to the city What are the symptoms of pregnancy? Are you sure you want to reply?
نذن ننصحك بقراءة هذا المقال للتعرف عليها.

There are seven pregnancies in the city

  • Heartbeats. You may know your heart rate within two sessions with your doctor.
    And if the number of pulses exceeds 140 beats, the fetus is expected to be female,
    If you have at least 140 beats, you can expect the fruit to be marked.
  • لون البول: It is normal for a porter to wear a mark on his body,
    See if there is a zero cleaning mark on the drive.
  • The egg of the womb.
    He who expects this to be his child, but if you are in the womb of the bearer, he will fall to the floor.
    The one who is waiting for you to know that your body is in a woman.
  • The average of the development of body poetry. It is normal for a woman to carry a body if she is carrying a child due to the speed of development of body poetry.
    With the greatest reason from the bearer with you, return the reason in it until you have a special test, especially the one mentioned in it.
  • The face of the deaf’s face. Many of the thoughts that a woman carries in her womb during pregnancy are mentioned in the form of a sentence.
    And enjoy the clean and pure human being չգ you do not know the size of the female, most of the female carrier is female.
  • Beneficial states. Since many of the ancient Shiites also have women who have children, show the beneficial states.
    Most women carry a child.
  • Correction:
    What can be done about the lack of knowledge about the type of fruit?

Seventh City Council on Pregnancy

  • Here are some tips that its citizens should follow when they arrive in Sabi,
    وطلك الصائح كالآتي:
  • During the day, the mouse is half full until the mouse rests in a swollen, swollen position, until the man fits, and the hands are in the city, as the hand touches the base on the right side of the penis. the soul.
  • Eat lots of water և lots of food.
  • You must be one of the descendants of the most influential people in Saudi Arabia.
  • If you do not correct your body, use it to eat good food.

Healthy food carrier in seven cities

  • It is obligatory for the leading woman to gather on the other side to eat some food items in the next town, as follows:
  • Do not correct the effects of eating rich foods with salt and fat, such as:
    وأرز ، والعسل الأصود ، والخضراوات الورقية.
  • If you do not straighten your body using fiber-rich foods such as Al-Kama և Shufa, Al-Tin և Al-Jawz Al-India,
    And surgeons ոտ jaws և forearms և forehead և forearm և forehead.
  • It is imperative that you supplement your diet with foods rich in calcium և magnesium և digesting foods such as:
    Al-Khalib, Al-Zabadi, Al-Baiz, Al-Shufan, Al-Salmun, Al-Fasulia, Al-Shul, Al-Shufan, Al-Shair, Al-Kamah
Problems with wearing in the seventh city
  • See the carrier of some carriers in the carrier city, as follows:
  • The most common phenomenon.
  • Swelling of Antifakh al-Arda և forearms.
  • Excess weight is moderately greater than in the past.
  • Increased appetite.
  • Pain during the day due to the appearance of the abdomen, weight gain.
  • The origin of vaginal ejaculation is mostly white.
  • Some drops of water from the environment fall on the fruit.
  • Lack of healthy breathing force վերադարձ Reversal of the cause of larger fetal volume
    And the curtain on the curtain of the curtain.
  • The meaning of the difficulty of names.

To learn more about the consequences of pregnancy, do not try to correct it by reading this article, information from the beginning of pregnancy.

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