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diseases of pregnancy

There are seven reasons to move a carrier in the city

Fear, jihad և sensation with the tendency of poets to open the carrier շարունակ to continue for a long time, Because the fear that bears the bearer in this city … most of the danger, Dr. Abd al-Hamid al-Sabili said that he suffers from diseases of women և children :

Multifunctional: the difference between the menstrual cycle and the pregnancy border

Pain and swelling around

Carrier in seven cities

Excessive choking of the heart և breathing

At the beginning of pregnancy, the weight of the uterus increases, so it is natural that the carrier appears in seven cities with pain, reflected in the outer legs, in the pelvis, and even in the uterus.

The three-dimensional city is known to carry swollen forearms և forearms due to the accumulation of extra blood in it, in addition to water retention in the body, which allows it to move naturally.

Sweat from the signs of fear and the number of names

Continuing consciousness

It is natural for a person in this city to have a rapid heartbeat or to know that the heart is choking because the heart is thicker than the large amount of blood that causes shortness of breath overnight.

The inability to breathe naturally at midnight, from which the causes of sweating and the amount of sleep will not end in fear and drunkenness in the end.

Continuous awareness of the presence of the fetus

The danger of the seventh city

خلال الشهر السابع, يستمر الطفل في النمو, وبالتالي فإن الرحم سيقوم بإرجاع الأطعمة من المعدة نحو المريء لذلك ستتناولين كميات أقل من الطعام وستشعرين بجوع مستمر خلال اليوم, ولذلك سيرافقك التعب والخمول خلال الشهر السابع, فجسمك ينقصه الكثير من الطاقة..لأنه بحاجة للغذاء الكافي .

Tip in the seventh city

Do some exercises that strengthen your muscles, which are used by two children, so that you can do some moderate exercises for 30 minutes a day.

Do not wear the name of the passage during the day, even if it lasts 15 minutes; In order for their body to turn into a room full enough for a perfect day, stay away from fear.

Drinking plenty of water during the day, around 1.5 o’clock, does not seem to be a fear.

It is recommended to do the alcohol test after the seventh city in a row, and to fast for a long time before the analysis, not to wait for the second hour.

When a baby is exposed in the womb of the last third of pregnancy to the end of life, the result is an effect that can be detected by the affected patient at birth. short. When a woman is approached from the moment of birth, the fetus is fixed inside the pool with a certain egg, starting from:

The path of the head as the head to the lower part of the uterus, և some paths that allow the fetus to enter the uterus

The way of Anus. And that is when the baby’s forehead turns into a head in the womb, ճանապարհ the way of the forehead, և in which the head of the fetus և the forearm on the side, the egg on the top..

Subject. Fear of being born in a big city.

Warnings in the seventh city

Wait, the seven cities are flexible, it is difficult to rape easily, but for a simple and non-dangerous reason it is dangerous to enter this city in the previous city.

Rakbi Nafsak և We all comment on that, and the doctor’s betrayal in a state of strange praise or contemplation.

If your baby is at this stage, he or she may be revived. But there is no urgency to see, but Turkey is in the shelter of defense.

If a child now has a child born before him or her, he or she is at risk enough to relieve him or her of this situation.

For this is the reward of this city, the supplication of the fruit, that it may increase its power, forbid it, that it should not hurry,

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