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stages of pregnancy

Three cities of pregnancy for us

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Fetal evolution during the thriving city of pregnancy
البواسير .. وأبرز متاعب الشهر الثامن من الممل:
This is how Hazal came from Al-Haml to Al-Sajda Al-Hamra in Samen.

Validity: Wearing the city of Samen From the senses արան the state seeks to know և to take care of them, և despite the fact that all fruits carry different senses, it is sensitive to the life of each party,

The third city counts from the bearer when the pregnant woman enters the carrier in the long stretch of the third and third branches and until the third branch is three hundred and thirty, This book until the end of pregnancy.

  • Difficulty breathing:If the wearer realizes the effects of respiration on the wearer’s evolution և reaches earlier stages, then he has companions to meet some everyday. The ascent of the ladder, which is normal for doctors, is due to the fact that at this stage the development of mercy is attributed to the benefit of higher paths, but it is the most difficult to practice breathing.
  • الدوالی الوریدیة:Varicose veins are one of the common symptoms of duodenum, it is located in a normal undamaged area, it is manifested due to the compulsion of mercy, which leads to the heart from the main vein. ancestors to one who is steadfast. The other side is in the realm of two inner states, which includes wisdom, excitement, and knowledge.
  • Hemorrhoids: وهي نوع من أنواع الدوالي الوريدية, وتظهر كانتفاخ في الأوردة الموجودة في منطقة الشرج والمستقيم, وتعد من الأعراض الشائعة خلال الحمل, وتحديدا أثناء الثلث الأخير منه, والتي قد تكون مصحوبة بالألم, أو الشعور بالحكة, وقد تؤدي إلى النزيف خاصة أثناء أو بعد حركة الأمعاء والتبرز.
  • Stretch marksRecognize these signs, on which the lines of high state appear on the surface of the skin, which fluctuates between the venom և juvenile և, which appear in different parts of the body with the priority of pregnancy, such as: stomach The last three jewels of pregnancy in the city carry a comfortable area for the fetus inside the uterus. And here is the interpretation of his appearance during this period.
  • Braxton Hex: (Braxton Hicks contractions)Knowing what the opposite of a false liar is, և understanding such pain as the cause of deception, և knowing that the bearer was born before the true liar appeared, do not cause severe pain. Absence of periodic absence of “short” land cracks between all contractions, minus their condition. Not continuing the contraction of a lie for a long time. There is no increase in chronological priority. The possibility of hiding false delusions as soon as the wearer rises, changing his position or changing his pleasures at his own expense.
  • Bracelet.
  • Drinking: If a quantity of it comes down unintentionally, և no one will reduce it when sneezing or laughing, և the cause will reappear after that until the proverb is merciful.
  • كثافة الشعر:The acquisition of poetry is a dirty and healthy manifestation of the abundance of certain virtues.
  • Consciousness with knowledge at the momentKnowledge is in it or on the inside of the legs; talent resource.
  • Awareness of knowledge in the region under the shadow of the chestAnd this is because of the expansion of mercy.
  • Consciousness with noon signsIn order to get the fruit in this city համար for its large size, it is possible to get the wearer’s belly with great anxiety in the afternoon, to limit the Katan region.
  • Water conservationA state of keeping questions in the body փ blowing the environment. [1] [2]

The third city comes in the third stage of pregnancy, because it is the average city of the last three years, it comes from the third 32. And so that the patient’s frequent visits to the doctor are more than the basis of the fetal patient The addition of confidence in the health of a pregnant woman.

  • In Samen, it is not uncommon for a carrier to grow as the baby moves, increasing the appearance of embryos on the abdomen as the fetus enters.
  • He said to the heart of the nation, և it is the result of a volume comparable to the volume of mercy, և if the consciousness calms down or is disturbed after that, it is possible that the carrier will change his position with his forearm or. forearm.
  • It is normal to follow the promise of the baby’s movements, approaching the due date, to emphasize the health of the fetus, to warn when it is considered a defect, if it is moving forward.

Witness the fetal movement in the city of Sades

As for the changes ղի in the fetus in Samen after pregnancy, it is presented.

  • The volume of fruit has increased during the city of Samen.
  • The embryo begins to swell, ված the blessed poem is torn from the body, falling.
  • The senses of hearing are greatly developed during pregnancy, when the fetus is often able to hear sounds վել differentiate after birth.

And the signal spreads to one end of the city of Samen, its branches.

  • Remaining faithful to the gift for a long time, և sit in the form of praise, in the position of people at noon,, և the best thing is to remove the stairs.
  • The extension on the chair is a maximum of forty hours.
  • Al-Mashi spends half an hour a day in non-return times, except for water.
  • Participation in yoga seasons for the nobles, և body և nerves և mental disorders.
  • Eat a balanced diet rich in fiber to move the fibers during pregnancy;
  • Responding to the messages sent by the body, the consciousness must return և return as long as it is not small, and when the consciousness is filled with fear և nostalgia, the electricity will be paid in installments.
  • Desire to use beverages under the influence of springs, such as coffee, tea, carbonated beverages.
  • Pheasant և pool և stomach floor area training.
  • Getting enough sleep for at least eighty hours a day.
  • Multiplying drinking water does not mean less than one glass a day.
  • The pilgrimage of a special doctor, following the advice given to him continuously, from the best pilgrimage of the deceased, to the weight of the fetus, to the infusion of the ancestors.

When you enter Samen, you will be close to your birth, you will not finish all the parts of the fetus մարմնի you will have the opportunity to leave the fetus, but there are many children. In this city, children are blessed, so they follow their mother to some advice to protect their fruits and souls from this city in a safe and healthy way.

Witness: Natural birthmarks

Validity: Wearing the city of Samen From the city of inspiration to the state of the fetus, this is the last city before the fetus, it enters the body of the bearer.

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