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diseases of pregnancy

Tips for working women during pregnancy

فتةر المضع تضم الثثير من المشكل الشحية و مرضية; In terms of paying attention to carriers, it has many effects, such as sneezing, nausea, vomiting, and a constant craving for the body. As she struggles to hold on tight, she goes to bed every day. Meeting և Dr. Muhammad Bahaullin treats women և children’s diseases for explanation: explanation.

Induction of food պատճառ causes of vomiting

Health protection without endangering the carrier
  • There are many easy and safe ways to overcome the consequences of pregnancy and maintain good health to achieve the best possible amount of elasticity without increasing the risk of pregnancy.
  • The first is to avoid the causes of sneezing, the desire for food, to revive them in the pavilion, to rest in action, the greed of eating, the smallest things on the stomach, salt and salt, except wine. ginger.

Communication with food և with life

It must be of the will at the time of the act
  • The bearer, looking at the body, because his body is weak, can not carry the bearer, նա it is permissible for him to act as if it is impossible, so he must take into account: the deeds of others.
  • The emphasis is on not touching the anime, և children eat rich foods in moderation և raw materials, like մարդիկ room people, և married people, և shrimp և greens,
  • Reduction of body development օգտագործ use of the lower body to support the lower և lower body with protection from daily exercise that fits the carrier.

Protecting the wearer in action

Defending the two twelve cases
  1. By reviewing the bearer of the case, the bearer will be restored to the usual day of the meeting և other than the hymn to the waqf և he will take the parts of Raha, not one.
  2. Therefore, if he moves to his school, he will spend all the hours trying to reduce the pressure on the muscles, he will stop asking questions about his legs and feet.
  3. And when he sat in school for a long time, he used convincing evidence to conform to what he said from the moment he was saved.
  4. And if the action requires a long time from the endowment, then the bearer will occupy the chair of the ancestors and will follow the recitation.

Definition of Al-Mazid. Detecting the signs of a flawless pregnancy

Curves and elevation of things

The best course of action is to stand up to the authorities
  • Along with body size և body weight, the effect of removing light objects on the surface is obvious.

  • It is better to stand with guardians և supporters .. to facilitate the power of action on the bearer և not to prevent exaggeration in words քննարկ to discuss the meaning carefully from the truthful և the beloved.

  • It is the practice of the exorcist to take deep breaths or to evaporate, imagining where it is being sent to the exorcist for yoga exercises, following the advice of a superior physician.

Events և actions in action

Drinking is the highest condition

On the shipment, if you accept dangerous goods.

  • Threat of dangerous goods.

  • Aids are long fires.

  • Carrying heavy loads և suspension.

  • Loud voices.

  • The excitement and confusion that come from big tools.

  • The question of drinking is the degree of heat.

  • It is mandatory for the carrier to consult his doctor, if he is not afraid of them.

Definition of Al-Mazid. the cause of a balanced diet in the city of pregnancy

Achievement in self-humiliation

Ratbi Mahamk to get out of trouble
  1. During the second hour, at least stay up all night, so that the blessed one ‘s salvation may be increased by the grace of the heart, and the child’ s fear, the position of the forearm, the “lower middle” of the forearm. the abdomen.

  2. And if the pulpit is a place of operation that cannot be adjusted, it is a small and simple service or a small seat that does not shake to the highest degree, the upper leg, if possible, to reduce inflation.

  3. If the endowment needs to be extended, it is necessary to step on the front seat or the retractable anus or retractable box.

  4. If self-confidence in action forces the room under which he suffers, take care of himself երեխաների his children և reduce this anxiety.

  5. تحكمي بهياتك ، جهزي قوائم المهام اليومية, ورتبي المهام حسب الأولية.
    Note: This description from Sideti Net is for consultation with a specialist before using this treatment.

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