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Pregnant feeding

Unhealthy food and malnutrition are “toxic killers” for humans … German Discovery magazine

It is known that a person is affected by food ի food, so the food system is healthy, useful արար nutritious.

It is known that a bad food system has a bad effect on the human body, as if excessive consumption of some food is crucifixion, gluttony, sugar, the consequences appear in a simple way. on a person, according to the magazine.

وأشار خبراء المجلة الألمانية إلى أهمية النظام الغذائي للبشرة, لكن السكر والجلوتين والحليب تعتبر من المواد, التي تتسبب في حدوث سلسلة من الاستجابات في الجسم, فضلا عن إضعاف ما يعرف بالنبيتات الجرثومية المعوية, بإلاضافة أنه يترتب على ذلك عدم امتصاص الجسم للعناصر الغذائية بشكل جيد, In addition, to hit the inflammations, those who are able to know about the rash, to swallow it, արագ the sheikh’s symptoms appear quickly.

And so, it is only with the arrangement of the defects of raw materials and vitamins that the signs of weakness appear on the human body and joints, and in the other stage, the recurrence of the disease, the renewal of emptiness.

As the German magazine corrects itself with the use of intoxicating substances, such as drunkenness, cruelty or gluttony in the city, enough sleep is enough to answer the questions.

ويسبب سوء التغذية كثيرا من المشاكل غير البشرة مثل النحافة الشديدة, أو قصر القامة الشديد مقارنة بعمر الشخص, أو نقص الفيتامينات والمعادن كنقص الحديد الذي يسبب فقر الدم, أو زيادة الوزن والسمنة المفرطة ويعد نقص المغذيات الدقيقة الفيتامينات والمعادن مهما للغاية, حيث يعانيه ما يقرب من Millions of people around the world, և we are in the process of organizing world health, restrictions պակաս lack of vitamins (a) և women are one of the ten reasons that reach the point where the disease struck, և one overnight.

Lack of restriction is the most common form of malnutrition. Because it affects the organs of individuals in different parts of the world, as it affects the perception of the condition, the lack of vitamins (a), which is the basis of children. children’s hearts.

Newborns are children և they are the mentally retarded.

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