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diseases of pregnancy

What are the symptoms of pregnancy? |: Side Magazine:

Most women change their mindset during pregnancy և punishment just after marriage. The couple is looking forward to an intense study of a beautiful dream, it is sensitive to the first signs of pregnancy, it changes from one end to the other, the last question that comes up. in your mind. After the days of personal emergence. What does it look like after thousands of practical actions? وهل الأارارار..جدیة متگةسأ أم أنها سفشي و مزاجية أيضاً؟. سيدتی وطفلك التقت وطبيب أذر النساء وولاتة الدكتر

Introduction to Pregnancy

Carrying after the first branch of the abyss
  • The first sign of pregnancy is the onset of the disease առաջին the appearance of white tissue in the uterus or the appearance of symptoms in some cases before a number of cases after surgery.
  • And on most of the walls, clarify the signs of pregnancy: interrupt the city district, close the city district, but do not accept with a little blood.
  • In most cases, pregnancy occurs 6-12 days after menstruation, when the excess ovaries become due to the development of empty spaces for mercy, and the upper extremity splits due to pregnancy.
  • However, these expressions last a long time, but the warning is that with the stimulus there is an ugly smell or wisdom or consciousness, which is immediately connected to the doctor.

Feeding and watering are the first signs of pregnancy before the urban period

The height of the constellation is sterile
  • The constellation with the height of the zodiac is sterile, the consciousness begins with jihad;
  • Return this water to the lower part of the mouthpiece, and lower the lower part of the mouth so that it does not get into the comfort of the rich’s rich food.

Mourners and mourners

Jassian Al-Sabah from the signs of pregnancy
  • In the presence of many women who are aware of their mourning in the morning, who know the mourning of the mourners, the reason is still unknown.
  • And if harmonious changes take place with the person in charge, then this consciousness of ghosts can be only once or twice in the morning.

Consciousness with differences

Stomach bowel from pregnancy symptoms
  • Because consciousness is similar to the complications of the urban area .. the appearance of the tail, the number of signs of a pregnant woman, as well as the presence of a white wall of the uterus at the time of pregnancy.

Introduction Al-Mazid. World Blessed Birthday ..

Consider the three changes

  • What are the signs of pregnancy before delivery? Consider the three changes. As a result, the presence of a certain swelling or sensation in the chest is blocked.
  • أو تكون الحلمة ذات لون داكن أكشر قليلاً.
  • And this is due to the harmonious changes that occur, especially during the first or second episode of pregnancy.

Temperature fraud

Temperature deceives the consequences of pregnancy
  • One of the signs of carrying a Virgo is consciousness, which is conditioned by the tricks of the character, due to the stimulation of the height of the constellation և estrogen.
  • Deliberate intentions to bear the temptations of temperament և they are the expression of a woman with different senses. Between books և excitement և humorous deceptions և.

Repeated wish in the table

  • One of the signs of pregnancy is the desire to persist. As the whole group struggles to double the weight of the carrier, և this is due to the fact that the time to lean on the body is too much.

Introduction to benefits. The benefits of aerobic exercise for the carrier

Hatred of certain foods և food

Hatred for certain foods for food .. Width to carry
  • Some hatreds come from certain nuances, from certain scents, պատճառով it’s because of harmonious changes, but it raises the eyes և keeps the consciousness of the ghosts հետ with the rest for them.
  • But this awareness from the first pregnancy of the city review, but it is possible that this hatred of food և with some souls with some guidance for most of the city.
  • Consciousness after the onset of pregnancy with fear հ jihad, with the acquisition of a unit from the interruption of the urban district, with pain in the lower part of the afternoon և it lasts until the beginning of 12, and the morning is considered as: the most prevalent in pregnancy.

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