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diseases of pregnancy

What are the symptoms of rectal neglect և How long does the forearm carry?

The shortness of the breast (thrombus of the breast) is short. « doctor- ndtv:«.

Consequences of rectal failure

Minor rectal defects are mild and life-threatening.:

Intense heat


The tail of poverty

Jaff cover:

The collapse of poetry

Sleep disturbance

Muscle cramps

Causes of congestive heart failure:

Hashimoto’s disease is caused by a common duodenal malformation while carrying it, while congenital obstruction disease of the forearm strikes the thoracic duct of Hashimoto’s disease..

Rectal և Gland failure link

العقم. From rectal failure to the natural front.

Problems of the city and city period: It is possible that the short-sleeved shorts on the waist and waist are affected, and the upper one is shorter than the right side of the city..

Impact on pregnancy. It can be seen that failure is not cured by reducing the duodenum from the duodenum to the stigma of pregnancy..

Weakness of child development. If you are aware of rectal negligence կր wearing it, tell your doctor եք take adequate precautions to prevent a healthy baby from doing so, rectal excretion is necessary to swallow the baby. The child is waiting for you to reach out to him..

Transformation of the rectal gland in the baby into the production of the rectal gland from the perception of the soul in the middle of pregnancy. On the other hand, the child looks at the mother confidently to get the right amount from the day, it is necessary to produce enlarged glandular organs..

Treatment of rectal failure

The shortness of the rectum is treated by the method of adding a pupil that is not expelled from the rectum.

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