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Pregnant feeding

What has Al-Wahm got to do with the bearer?

The general obscurity begins, according to the doctors who advise them, “Your master and baby” is normal in the third or third trimester of pregnancy, it begins in adulthood. in the third season. And the intensity of the pregnancy in the third third, or in the fourth city, in the fifth, in the third, as a desire of the nation to eat from the whole day or from the second, between which it is reduced in the third city. , և third, և extension. What are the details on this topic?

When did the mourners begin to mourn?

When did the mourners begin to mourn?

It is accepted that abortion starts at the beginning of pregnancy, is limited to the eighth period of pregnancy or first of all after the end of the urban period. Tsutyan in the presence of pregnant women in the morning, and Ghutyan without vomiting, without vomiting, due to the hatred of some spices քի food, continuous piety.

What has Al-Wahm got to do with the bearer?

What are you afraid of? She deviates from the order to the other, only the elder stops to guide the pregnant woman until the end of the pregnancy.

What is the bulk of the material we carry on our media?

Mandatory duties from the carrier

There are different types of food և eggs that women use in connection with fruits, sweets, salt և digestion, մեծ most of the food consumed by the carrier.

Sweets. High carbohydrates contain hot flakes that the body needs.
Animal raw materials.
الفواكه والخضار.
The products of the Albanians are enough for their species.
Quick commitments.
Al-Mazid’s definition. Duplicates should be defined by women while wearing

What effect does the curse have on the fetus?

What effect does the carrier have on the fetus?

Contrary to the fact that the bearer is alienated in some resurrections, it is only a natural thing, and he is safe and does not pose a danger to the mother or child.
And now, there is no evidence of the effect of the curse on the fetus’s horse or even its behavior, until scientists conclude that the baby’s taste is then attached to the food.

Strangers hate carriers

Tutuham, with some traces, խառն a mixture of teeth, կաց understanding, վում what is served to the mother and the fetus, at the risk of being named. And this is the reason for the acute deficiency of vitamins and minerals, such as blood poverty, so it is necessary for a specialist doctor to address the correction of the defect as soon as possible.
And some he called, perceiving the existence of trains and vultures, և the one who makes the child have a middle inclination to think about the distant future. And learning difficulties անհ anxiety about choice flaws.

What is the difference between a child and a child?

وحام الولد:

وحام الولد:

There is no evidence yet that the lessons of proving the correctness of the signs and the prohibition of the child are scientifically known.
1- Al-Wahham with salty taste, such as disorders և boats.
2- Glorifying the humanity of the nation and gaining a face of enlightenment and enlightenment.
3- Praise the poem, if it is long and thick.

وحام البنت:

وحام البنت:

1 – Wahham with sweets և chocolate.
2- The appearance of night love on the face of the nation.
3- Weakness of poetry և warning.
4 – Al-Wahim heat.
5 – The appetite of heaven that has not been confirmed or studied.
Definition of Al-Mazid. All you know is pregnancy sensitivity

Note from “Cidi Net”. Consult a specialist before using this description or this treatment

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