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diseases of pregnancy

What is the position of many of us who are safe and comfortable carrying both of them? |: Մար أة:

During pregnancy, the body is affected by a number of changes that affect the position of the addict, so it is necessary for the bearer to take care of the appropriate position for each stage of pregnancy.

His position, which is safe in carrying the material in it, is the most important according to your grace. Therefore, the awakening on the position of the name of the blessed is the awakening.

And when the report was released during the “health shootings” in India, the scribe said Ayush had lost his balance, especially for twelve months, but found it difficult to wake up in the name of blessed things.

If a pregnant woman gets enough sleep, she may be involved in fetal development. And the signal goes to the fact that the number of duodenum during pregnancy is associated with a number of doubling, which is called pregnancy or breathing height.

The first of the three cities is known to those who are safe from the sight of the prosperous in it easily (intentionally)

3 steps

And the scribe, if he is the first of the three thieves, will recognize the safe for the woman, if she is in a position where she can read as she wishes.

And when the woman reaches the third, the third և the third, then she should be warned և the case will be suspended according to the names.

If the torment in the abdomen flares up for two nights, the upper part of the body can be easily changed.

Names of one of the parties

And it happened to the female doctor of Burundi for them, to consult with women’s diseases և to produce ummah in the Khuradi region of India, the number of which is in one of the best positions, on which one of them is. pregnant, on which she is pregnant. Therefore, the reason is valid for one of the sides of the best position, according to the holder.

As for the size of the fruit, it worries the mother, but it does not form names from inside and outside, at least we believe in its origin. Therefore, it is obligatory for the woman to return to the number of one of the parties.

وصرح الدكتور مادهوي قائلا إن “النوم على أحد الجانبين من شأنه أن يقلل الضغط على الأوردة والأعضاء الداخلية. علاوة على ذلك, يساعد النوم على الجانب الأيسر على زيادة الدم والعناصر الغذائية التي تصل إلى المشيمة والجنين. وسيؤدي ذلك إلى تعزيز الدورة الدموية ومنع التورم وظهور الدوالي “Prohibition of feet and hemorrhoids.”

إ Forearm գոյ survival of forearm matnitine from the position between the forearm’s relaxation to reduce the pressure limit on the forehead (ghiti)

Ways to write on one of the sides:

And here are the ways in which your consciousness is greater than the two big names of one of the parties.

  • You need to stay firm, your back to the position’s ease between your legs to reduce the pressure on your forehead.
  • For Al-Wawati women, it is possible to know the obvious pain of using the sleeping position from the position and simplicity under the abdomen.
  • If a woman’s suffering is suffocated in the stomach for twelve months, it is possible to change the part of the body above the body.
  • During the last stage of pregnancy, some women may have difficulty breathing. ويمکن للمرة تجنب ذلك من خلال الستلقاء على جنبها أو على الوسادة.
Sleeping on your forehead in the second half of pregnancy causes pain in the afternoon (at the end)

أوضاع نوم عليك تجنبها أثناء الحمل:

وهناك أوضع نوم ينبغي تجنبها أثناء الحمل ، وهي:

1. النوم على الظهر:

But this is a serious situation, because they bear all the weight for the mercy of the patient. And if in the second half of pregnancy the night falls on your appearance before the appearance of pain, the difficulties with breathing և hemorrhoids, then the reduction of the heart region to the heart, etc.

2. Names from the inside

During the obligatory stage of pregnancy, it is possible for a pregnant woman to carry names in her womb. On the other hand, it is difficult to confirm the number three in the third և third of pregnancy, as long as it is not pressed on the mercy of the one who intends to expand.

However, he may reward you for facilitating his victory as long as he enjoys the blessing. And when pregnancy is disrupted, the body consists of a number of changes, from which it affects the position of the addict. Therefore, it is obligatory on a woman to maintain the appropriate position for each stage of pregnancy.

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