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diseases of pregnancy

What is the risk of getting pregnant? And what are the types?

What evidence does the bearer have after learning the news of the shipment, except at the beginning of the risk investigation? هل سيمر الممل بأمان, أم أنه من الووع الذرار الذي که ههدد الماره؟ And what is the health history that makes it difficult to produce, makes it dangerous to carry? You are still in danger, you are weak. There are many other credentials. Suspecting a carrier on the spot, as you carry a risk to the carrier և for the fetus, is related to the condition of a healthy carrier հիվանդ diseases that are known before pregnancy or the duodenum. Meeting with Dr. Ahmad Ibrahim means for women և diseases of children, explanations և for details.

High carrying error:

Dangerous..he who carries the life of the mother և fetus
  • The bearer who seeks the life of the mother և fetus, or he who only intends them և this term applies to the cases of the bearer who are persistently in danger և it is better not to have a basis.
  • You have some diseases և conditions that are not good during pregnancy և if the disease is not good, it continues. Fruit համար In order not to damage the fruit.
  • Many situations prevail naturally, but during some resurrections the mother’s health suffers.
  • Especially if it is right before pregnancy, if it does not interact properly, it does not cause serious problems.
  • Carrying the risk … often requires the special care of the treating physician, even if it is possible to reverse the risks, to ensure that it does not affect the health of the fetus և mother.
  • The word does not mean that the bearer cannot be born naturally from a child. This means that the carrier needs more than just observation և regular medical examination.
  • And if something serious happens during pregnancy, because the nature of pregnancy is high, it is possible that the doctor will quickly react to those problems.

Diseases that pose a risk to pregnancy

Respiratory height is a danger to the patient
High blood pressure – the lineage of sugar factors that threaten pregnancy
  • Respiratory height աղբյուր The source of poisoning from the factors that threaten the life of the carrier անը the death of the fetus in her womb.
  • And the danger is limited to the mother’s life. Whatever the reason for their doubling is the loss of their lives.
  • Occurrence of danger at a certain age for a woman. For example, if it occurs in adolescence .. The fifth is the tenth, or if it occurs at a later age .. After the fifth և fourth.
  • Carrying a hazard means the emergence of a number of items related to the carrier’s threat, such as the emergence of a carrier’s name;
  • And so the insult is repeated for the previous period, when the woman dies again during pregnancy or at birth.
  • Dangerous pregnancy is related to the symptoms of the disease or the conditions of the disease that the mother suffered from before the pregnancy.
  • The mother, who recognizes the defects of creation in the heart, is connected with the consequences. The class carries the danger with it, but it does not stop և we live in peace
  • In the presence of a state of weakness in the heart muscle, it means that the bearer is one of those who is based on the example of danger to men.
  • Because the transmission of the virus is valid, the transmission of the human barrier from mother to child is a great danger, և it is necessary to consult a doctor to reduce the risks as much as possible.
  • Al-Samna with the beginning of pregnancy, who is in great danger of being hit on the head, ծն the birth of a child, and cooperation with the doctor on the bearer to limit the safety of most of them.
  • The presence of a sick woman is inherited from difficult-to-treat diseases, which means that they are exposed to the veil of such children,։ it is better than not carrying a bearing from the ground.
  • And the danger of being struck by the need to support probability is the height of the equations of descent, և he և the sugar of pregnancy և the division of pregnancy և the birth of the beggar.

Mistakes are caused by smoking, drugs and age

Smoking and age are the causes of pregnancy
Medical infertility enters the fetus through a secret cord է causes a blessed birth

• Smoking may be the cause of creative and necessary consequences for the birth of a happy child and the death of a physician.
• Medical infertility is possible if it enters the fetus through a secret cord, տարբեր causes various problems, such as creative defects.
• The nations of the Sabbath are generally 17, the smallest or largest of which is the highest risk of suffering from high blood pressure and poverty ային blessed child.
• Because large nations are subject to Sunnah, generally over 35, during the first pregnancy, for the sake of raising twelve children և ատար imperfect children.
And so for generations who do not prioritize, երեխաների for children who claim hereditary anxiety (e.g., those involved).

Types of risk

Types of risk bearing:
Risk types. The first is related to the carrier before pregnancy, and the second is related to her condition during pregnancy.

• Divide the risk carrier into types. The first is related to the condition of the woman before pregnancy, and the second is related to the condition of the woman during pregnancy. Cases of danger of disappearance by force of medical care before birth.
• However, life-threatening conditions of the wearer do not benefit from cases of initial wear, such as heart muscle failure և all.
• To carry the carrier, it is necessary to recruit partners, which puts them at risk of pregnancy in the first city of pregnancy.

Treatment of dangerous carriers

Probably from the treatment and function of the cause of pregnancy risk
The risk of the patient being taken to the doctor is probably borne by the carrier

• It is obligatory for the carrier to take the carrier with the doctor in case of carrier formation, if it is of dangerous type.
• It is better to collect on continuous analogs in the form of a day when the pressure is pressed.
• The cause of the poisoning must be investigated.
• In case of high blood pressure, it means that the carrier is at risk of heart defects … or leg or brain, և it is better to complete the blessed birth for the health of the fetus.
• Classes carry most of the fetus, while the risk of pregnancy is subject to special protection.

Lujo Siddi and children:

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